Quantifying emissions impact of Trump climate rollbacks

Environmental regulations benefit the economy. Trump still wants to undo them. 3


Environmental policies rolled back by the Trump administration will result in an additional 1.8 billion metric tons of global warming pollution in the next 15 years, a new analysis from the Rhodium Group finds.

The increase in carbon, methane, and other heat-trapping pollutants would equal the combined annual power sector emissions of Germany, Britain, and Canada at a time when scientists say the world needs to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas pollution to avert catastrophic climate change. The administration’s rollback of methane standards for oil and gas operations contribute the largest portion of greenhouse gas pollution, followed by its revocation of California’s vehicle emissions rules, federal fuel economy standards, rules limiting hydrofluorocarbons, and methane standards for landfills.

Meanwhile, two scientists separately estimated that the unprecedented climate-fueled wildfires burning throughout California have already pumped far more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than all of the state’s power plants.

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