‘Fascism is here!’ Twitter hates Trump’s ‘patriotic education’—makes Hitler Youth trend

Just when people are starting to wonder if Trump’s supporters and the GOP are actual fascists, Thursday saw “Hitler Youth” begin trending on Twitter.

The hashtag went viral after President Trump said that he would sign an executive order bringing to life the 1776 Commission to “promote patriotic education” as well as a grant to develop a “pro-American curriculum.”

In short, Trump’s new commission wants to whitewash American history, and people aren’t here for it.  They are now likening 45’s new education project to the indoctrination of young people in Nazi Germany.

‘WTF is patriotic education?’

A group of college students


Trump’s announcement is a rebuke to The New York Times’ 1619 Project which takes a fresh look at America’s ties to slavery and how it has impacted Black Americans. He called this Pulitzer Prize-winning series of essays “ideological poison” that, if not removed, “will dissolve the civic bonds that tie us together.”

Trump’s alternative is to play up “the legacy of 1776” when the American Colonies declared independence from Great Britain.

Several Americans took to Twitter to ask what it meant.

The responses echoed the same sentiment: “Fascism is here!”

Another user projected what American history would look like under Trump.

Some even took digs at 45 reminding him that PPEs didn’t mean “promote patriotic education.”

But most of them interpreted Trump’s lesson plans as wanting to turn America’s children into White supremacists.

MAGA = Nazi?

Person holding a Trump flag riding through Portland

Screenshot / YouTube

Earlier this month, reports swirled that President Trump is now a rallying cry for Neo-Nazis — he is now a literal inspiration for Germany’s Far Right.

With today’s announcement, people wondered if Trump’s youth and Hitler’s youth are one and the same.

One Twitter user even pointed out all the similarities between Trump’s MAGA supporters and Nazis.

One of them noted what it basically meant: That America’s youth will now be educated in Trumpism.

But if there’s one thing everyone agrees on, it’s this: that history is repeating itself.

‘Keep the federal government out’

A photograph of a Black Lives Matter activist holding a Drive Trump Out sign.

Flickr / Sasha Kimel

Earlier this month, the Trump administration instructed federal agencies to stop racial sensitivity trainings that discuss topics like white privilege and critical race theory, calling them “divisive, anti-American propaganda.” Trump then interfered with the U.S. school curriculum when he threatened to defund California schools that taught the 1619 project.

The federal government does not have jurisdiction over school curriculum. So, Americans took to Twitter to ask Trump to stay out of it.

Not looking forward to the Fourth Reich? Make sure you are registered to vote!

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