‘Months of lies’: Savage anti-Trump ads have been dropping all week

Trump standing behind a podium

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As the election looms ever closer and the world mourns for the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, voting seems more important than ever. A series of hard-hitting ads released this week helped to hammer home the message.

Monday, September 14

A video from MeidasTouch reminded everyone of Trump’s less than savory connections to Jeffery Epstein, the millionaire who ran a sex trafficking ring that victimized underage girls. “Pedo Trump” ran the quote, “Donald Trump in 2002 said of Epstein, ‘He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.’”

“Donald the Con got conned,” said The Lincoln Project in a video ad scrutinizing Trump’s campaign spending. “That eight hundred million dollars you raised did nothing but make a lot of people rich,” the ad pointed out.

Tuesday, September 15

As NBC News reported that more than 200,000 Americans had died from COVID-19, MeidasTouch released another ad reminding the audiences that Trump indeed had known how serious the virus was. “So Donald Trump hid the truth about COVID-19,” said the ad narrator.

The Lincoln Project released another ad commenting on the amount of money Trump spent on his 2020 campaign. As Trump bragged, “It cost me billions of dollars to become president,” the ad contrasted his rising campaign bills with his plummeting poll numbers.

Don Winslow films released an ad highlighting some of Trump’s greatest lies, like how he would build a wall at the southern border with money provided by Mexico, or how his healthcare plan would be better than Obama’s.

Wednesday, September 16

MeidasTouch released another ad: “Trump is a One Trick Phony.” The ad showcased Trump’s statements that contradicted the statements of the medical professionals in his administration over COVID-19 and the wearing of masks.

Thursday, September 17

MeidasTouch was on fire this week, with their video ad “Bring Back Hope.” The ad showed all the Trump supporters making ridiculous statements to excuse the fact that Trump hasn’t been able to fulfill all his promises.

“After months of lies and empty promises,” said another ad from the Lincoln Project, “he’s told us the terrifying truth. His herd immunity plan is to infect seven out of ten Americans with COVID.”

In the Biden campaign’s ad, “Totally Negligent,” a Pennsylvania farmer who voted for Trump expressed his regrets.

Friday, September 18

In a new ad for Republican Voters Against Trump, Olivia Troye, the Advisor to the VP for Homeland Security, Terrorism, said: “We have been in meetings where we were supposed to be talking about the virus, and either travel restrictions or how we were going to evacuate people off of cruise ships, which was a big issue at the very beginning of this pandemic, and what we were going to do with them. And [Trump] wanted to talk for 45 minutes on how upset he was with some news anchor at his preferred news network, and who was going to take care of that problem.”

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