‘Everything you’ve screwed up is going to come out’: GOP group’s viral ad mocks Trump mercilessly

Biden is crushing Trump in the latest polls - the Lincoln Project gaslight the President in their latest ad.

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Trump is losing. Not according to opinion, hunches, or a desperate hope for change — but according to the polls.

Data released by the Washington Post and ABC News shows Joe Biden is crushing Trump in national polls, with a 10 percent lead. Enter the Lincoln Project with a killer new viral video.


The Lincoln Project knows exactly where to strike: Trump’s ego.

The polls don’t lie

Stylized photo of Trump


The polls are not a crystal ball. However, they are a reflection of the voting sentiment at a particular time. And at this time, in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the devastating West Coast wildfires, and the recent hurricanes, the majority of voters place their trust in Joe Biden.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death shook both candidates, and voters are divided over her controversial likely replacement: Amy Coney Barrett. The unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd and the subsequent debate over police misconduct also continues to divide the nation.

In critical constituencies — the people choose Biden.

Older Americans, white college graduates, these groups favor Biden. They are also reliable voters. With political moderates, Biden is leading by 47 points (compared to Hilary Clinton’s 12 points back in 2016). Trump may continue to hold sway over his popular base - but the rest of the nation chooses Biden.

Expert psychiatrists have diagnosed the President with a narcissistic personality disorder. Trump is openly obsessed with ratings and his own popularity.

The Lincoln Project knows Trump well. Their latest ad: Whispers II, play to the President’s delusions of grandeur and paranoia.

Twitter went wild in support of the video

Smaller crowds, lower polls, embarrassing ratings

A photograph of a single Trump supporter sitting alone in arena seats.

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The video takes the approach of addressing Trump. The female narrator uses an almost pitying tone as she opens: “We warned you, Donald Trump, but you didn’t listen.” The video goes on to play footage of Trump woven with clips of his staff or supporters, “They laugh that you don’t get it,” the narrator says.

At one point, a crowd of people is shown chanting “Lock him up!” in a stadium, footage from the time Trump was booed at the Nat World Series last October.

Orange looks good on them

Trump with dark orange makeup on that isn't blended correctly

The White House

Whispers II took many users on a trip down memory lane. People agreed that Trump is not only losing, but unfit to be President after his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, willful ignoring of the bounties placed on American soldiers by Russia, and exploiting office for his own financial gain.

Welcome aboard Qanon Airlines

Boeing airplane cabin


The sarcasm flowed thick and fast.

Americans have been waiting three years for a health care bill

Keyboard with one key that is green and says ObamaCare

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Through their latest ad, the Lincoln Project reminded many on Twitter of the many ways Trump has failed Americans. The imaginary new health care plan so often promised by the President. The glaring lack of leadership in the face of racial unrest, climate change, and the continuing pandemic. The list goes on.

Trump is losing supporters, friends, but primarily his marbles

Trump with a confused expression on his face

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As one user added, hopefully, Jack Dorsey (the CEO of Twitter) will kick Trump off so that the nation can have a break from the President’s rants.

The Lincoln Project whispers ‘Everyone knows it except you’

Woman holding a finger to her lips with the words "Don't tell Donald" superimposed

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The video ends with the narrator reminding Trump that not only is he losing, but “everyone knows it except you.” Users reacted to the video by urging others to vote and cautioning against paperless voting.

If they are right, this could be on your front doorstep in November:

We would all like a copy.

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