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By William Sumner, Hemp Content Manager, New Frontier Data

Q: Which minor cannabinoid has the potential to become the next CBD?

A: As any investor seeks to enter an emerging industry from the ground floor, any investors or entrepreneurs in the CBD sector are predictably on the lookout for “the next CBD” to hit the market.

Since there are hundreds of different minor cannabinoids present in both hemp and cannabis, it is difficult to peg any one as The Next Big Thing. Nevertheless, there are a handful of minor cannabinoids which a growing body of scientific research suggests might hold significant medical potential.

For example, one study suggests CBG’s anti-inflammatory properties. InMed Pharmaceuticals is currently researching CBN to treat glaucoma. Research likewise suggests efficacy for THC-V in suppressing appetite or reducing panic attacks.

The endocannabinoid system is vast and complicated, and it will take years of research to fully understand how minor cannabinoids interact with humans. It is too early to tell which molecule will become the next CBD, though suffice it to say that the market for minor cannabinoids is poised for growth.

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