‘From RNC to jail’: Nurse who spoke at Trump’s convention arrested for shooting a woman in the stomach

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If you thought it would be easy to keep track of all the speakers from the “Republican National Convention” who would be arrested this year, think again.

A nurse shot a woman in an argument that took place in Williamson, Kentucky. This same nurse spoke on behalf of Trump at his inauguration spectacle.

The shooting victim was treated for her gunshot wound and is recovering.

What’s the shooter’s name?

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The suspect was listed as Amy Johnson Ford for the Trump pageant, but was arrested under the name Amy Thorn. She is registered as a board-certified nurse in West Virginia Board as Amy Jolene Johnson. And, really, nothing says “on the up-and-up” like a smattering of aliases.

Does she vote under all of her aliases?

Amy got her gun

A hand points a gun at the viewer from out of the shadows.

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Williamson Police Chief Grady Dotson reported that Amy Jolene Johnson…Ford…Thorn claimed she had feared for her own safety. Then she “went to the car and got the gun out of the car,” before this nurse shot another woman.

The 2nd Amendment states that, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” One needs their pistolé to secure a free state — or in case they get in a parking lot spat, yo.

Only the best people

Trump standing in front of an American flag wearing a MAGA hat and giving a thumb's up


Originally hailed as a hero for traveling to New York to help during the early coronavirus outbreak, Amy Jolene Johnson Ford Thorn was celebrated by the Trump campaign.

Does a nurse who shot someone in an argument sound like the “best people”?

For a nurse who shot someone, she’s in good company

Shot from the RNC


Joining the ranks of RNC speakers arrested on firearms related charges, Amy Jolene Johnson Ford Thorn is now one more accused felon among those who pimped the president on White House grounds in defiance of the Hatch Act.

What may be worse, Amy Jolene Johnson Ford Thorn is playing second fiddle to the McCloskeys.

Law & Order

An old television sitting on the floor


Really? Although when a nurse shot someone in a parking lot, it did sound a bit made for TV.

A champion of telemedicine

Man in a black shirt holding a phone


Amy Jolene Johnson Ford Thorn spoke about Trump’s contribution to remote medicine. Too bad she argues in person.

Who don’t love a Beatles reference?

A woman wearing headphones and dancing in front of a yellow background


“Her name was Magill, she called herself Lill…”

Now that this nurse shot someone, maybe she’ll go by a number.

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