Oregon’s last coal plant shuts down for good as wind power progresses in Virginia

2 signs Big Oil is on the outs: Oregon shuts down coal. Virginia progresses wind.

Aerial view of PGE coal plant in Oregon, 2007. Sam Beebe / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

Two developments on opposite coasts of the continental U.S. signal the country’s continued transition away from fossil fuels toward clean energy.

Oregon’s last coal-fired power plant shut down for good yesterday. The Boardman plant, which was the largest single emitter of greenhouse gas pollution in the state, shut down 20 years ahead of schedule. The plant’s closure came one day after a major development for offshore wind energy on the Atlantic Seaboard. On Wednesday, Dominion Energy announced its offshore wind installation off Virginia Beach had completed testing and was ready to begin feeding into Virginia’s power grid.

The 12-megawatt test project is a significant step, the utility said, toward the completion of its proposed 2,600-megawatt commercial project, which is the largest offshore wind project in North American and will start construction in 2024.

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