‘Rudy drunk dialed The New York Post’: Twitter mocks the latest Guiliani story

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When it comes to the ridiculous Hunter Biden email story, there is a lot to unpack. First, you have the possibility that Rudy Giuliani is a Russian asset (whether or not Giuliani knows it is another story.) Then, you have the fact that the story itself is so dubious, not only do the authors not want their names attached, but Fox News didn’t even want to touch it. Finally, there is the story itself which Twitter has thoroughly enjoyed mocking.

Giuliani is a security risk

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Business Insider ran a story that quoted former spies saying how vulnerable the Trump administration was to Russian intelligence, and who do they think would be an easy mark? Mayor Rudy!

“That’s exactly the kind of personality that Russian intelligence services would look to take advantage of,” said Steve Hall, the former chief of Russia operations at the CIA. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien reportedly warned the president against Giuliani’s information due to possible Russian manipulation. O’Brien’s concerns were dismissed.

It wasn’t me!

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In a New York Times report, anonymous sources from the New York Post stated that they had questioned the veracity of the story. One author of the piece left his byline out of it because he was concerned about the story’s credibility.

Giuliani was also quoted as saying that he gave the story to the New York Post because the outlet would not fact-check it as much.

Fox News takes a pass

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Fox News isn’t exactly known for sticking to the straight and narrow but even they didn’t want to touch Guiliani’s laptop story.

Birds of a feather?

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Twitter was also quick to point out that both Fox News and the New York Post were owned by Rupert Murdoch, who controls a massive media empire.

Anyone can be a lawyer

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Twitter users also had a few chuckles to spare for how someone with as many credentials as Rudy Giuliani could fall for a story like this.

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