‘WTF? Is he still the President?’: Trump complains about too much COVID coverage

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2020 is canceled. The novel coronavirus has infected around 40 million people in the world. In the United States, over 220,000 Americans have died from COVID-19.

“COVID, COVID…it’s all they talk about,” says the President who is apparently tired of discussing the deadly pandemic.

Our hearts bleed

Just in case we missed it, Lincoln Project made sure to share the President’s words on Twitter.

Poor Mr.President has pandemic fatigue

Trump with his arms crossed

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Where has the year gone? Trees are bruising into autumnal colors already. Yet, it feels like summer never began. Music festivals, Pride parades, and summer BBQs were all called off, and live theater has been brought to its knees.

The Summer Olympics were canceled for the first time since World War I. Everyone is stressed and grieving. But who cares! Trump is bored.

On Monday, the President spoke at a campaign rally where he complained about all the coronavirus coverage. Using CNN as an example, he said:

It’s all they talk about. COVID, COVID, COVID.


Trump sitting at his desk

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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought death, tragedy, and financial ruin upon the nation. Over 40 million Americans have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Hundreds of thousands are grieving the loss of loved ones. The U.S economy faces its worst recession since the Great Depression.

The President finds it to be a snooze-fest.

‘The guy who got COVID wondering why the media is talking about COVID’

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Donald Trump’s pandemic fatigue may be familiar to many. Millions of Americans have not seen their loved ones for nearly nine months. Vacations were canceled. There is the fear of another wave of lockdowns, bringing foreclosures and job losses. Mental health issues are on the rise, and suicide rates have spiked.

The virus is so rampant that even the President of the United States, surrounded by the nation’s leading scientists, best protections, and infinite resources at his disposal, caught COVID-19.

220,000 people unavailable for comment

Screenshot / CBS

In a moment of national crisis, one expects leadership, hope, and direction from their President. Donald Trump offers whining and complaints — “People are tired of COVID,” he claims.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be “tired,” Mr. President.

Here’s a hint…

Coronavirus molecules with a man wearing a mask

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That CNN can’t stop talking about COVID-19 appears baffling to Donald Trump. Here are some ideas as to why it could be at the forefront of the national conversation:

‘The cheering is more disturbing than the man’

Trump Rally

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As one user pointed out, the cheering crowd was even more disturbing than the President whining about COVID coverage.

Fortunately, Twitter can always be counted on to provide comic relief.

Grab him by the ballot

A photograph of a Vote sign with arrow and american flag


Imagine if we had a President who didn’t call a deadly pandemic a “lovefest“? Or a leader who did not try to kiss his supporters while infected with a highly contagious disease? Perhaps one who even had a health care plan?

One can do more than dream.

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