‘Read the room’: Twitter brings the snark to Kim K’s tone-deaf tweet


Kim Kardashian West turned 40! And, instead of quarantining with us peasants or campaigning for her egomaniac husband’s quest for 270 electoral votes (as God has commanded him to do), she decided to do the next best thing. Fly her posse to a private island and gloat about it.

In lieu of a gift, Twitter sent their love!

‘I’m feeling humbled and blessed’ that maybe you’ll stay there

Screenshot / Twitter

Kim writes, “40 and feeling so humbled and blessed.”

Seriously? When have you ever felt “humbled”? Show me one example of that on video and I’ll write in your husband for president. You do realize that there’s this new feature on your phone that allows you to TAKE A PICTURE AND NOT SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD.

Let them eat cake! (But at home on their pitiful little couches!)

Screenshot / Twitter

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the next four minutes than not letting someone who became famous over a sex tape flaunt her wealth as a thousand Americans a day die of COVID-19.

The reality star with no grasp of reality

Screenshot / Twitter

If having a big ass was all that was necessary to become rich and famous, then my aunt would be a billionaire. It seems that Kim’s only talent is showing America what the word “oblivious” looks like in a dress.

Kim and Kanye prove that two negatives don’t make a positive

A photograph of Kanye West.


Hey Kim, you do realize that this trip of yours is probably going to cost your husband in the election. Not a good look during a pandemic. I’m just surprised you didn’t take pictures of your food and flaunt that, too.

I guess now we can officially stop worrying about the Kardashians!

People toasting at a party


Thanks for the update on your itinerary, Kim Kim. America was starting to worry about you. Please keep us posted on your next wave of plastic surgery so you can continue being a phony into your 70s.

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