This viral video of Trump’s former staff speaking out against him ain’t pretty

Trump wearing a facemask with the words 'vote him out' printed across

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“He is a racist. He is a conman. He is a cheat.” Trump’s own staff speak out against him in a powerful new ad released by MeidasTouch.

This new viral video condemns Trump with the words of the people who once worked with him. They have collected interviews with John Bolton, James Mattis, Olivia Troye, and more.


MeidasTouch lets those who know Trump best do the talking.

Those who know Trump best, know he is worst

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With just four days to go until the election, America’s heart is in its mouth, and videos against both Trump and Biden are coming thick and fast. The ad weaves together interviews, statements, and warnings from those closest to Trump, including Rex Tillerson, the former Secretary of State, and James Mattis, the former Secretary of Defence.

‘I don’t think he’s fit for office’

John Bolton looking to the left

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John Bolton, former Ambassador to the United Nations, warned he did not think Trump was “fit for office.” Rex Tillerson spoke of how galling it was to work for a man who is “undisciplined,” and who “doesn’t like to read.”

The video prompted one user to question, ‘why are we as a nation putting up with his garbage [and] lies?’ and another to suggest that the Republicans in Trump’s inner circle were loyal to him out of fear of losing their jobs.

We are witnessing the consequences of years without mature leadership

A photograph of retired Marine general James Mattis.

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James Mattis has described Trump as a threat to the Constitution, and said we were witnessing the consequences of years “without mature leadership.” Olivia Troye is an advisor to the Vice President for Homeland and Security. She confessed that it was “shocking,” to see the President describe the virus as a “hoax” and claiming everything was okay — “when we know that it’s not.”

‘Two and a half years in that administration…was terrifying’

Rick Bright testifies before Congress

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Dr.Rick Bright featured in the video, in the clip where he spoke on behalf of many of “our inability to be heard as scientists.” Miles Taylor is a former chief of staff from the Department of Homeland and Security. He described his time in the White House as “terrifying.”

Although, some users were quite critical of these whistleblowers:

‘Putin thinks he can play him like a fiddle’

Trump talking to Putin

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John Bolton is the Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations. In his opinion of Donald Trump: “Putin thinks he can play him like a fiddle.”

To which one user illustrated his point with this tweet:

‘That’s what an entitled white man does when he inherits his daddy’s corporation’

Trump sitting next to a pile of money with bankruptcy stamped across it

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Before he failed at being a President, Trump failed at being a businessman. Records show that in 1985, Trump lost $46.1 million from his casinos, hotels, and apartments.

The clock is ticking

Flatlay photo of numerous clocks


America’s constitution is being crushed by a bone-spurred boot. Let’s hope the nation can breathe freely again in just a few day’s time.

They know America and they know Trump

America or Trump?

Front Page Live

And they know he is wrong for America.

This election is bigger than Trump or Biden — it is about saving democracy

Side by side photographs of Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

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The world will be watching in four days time, because the 2020 election of the United States is symbolic of more than just a victory for the Democrats or the Republicans.

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