‘This all reeks of desperation’: Twitter slams Trump for trying to declare victory

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We all knew it would be close, but no one expected such a tight race. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are locked in a head-to-head vote count, and the election could go either way. But according to Trump, he has “already won.”

Trump cheats at golf. He cheats on his wife. And apparently, he thinks he can cheat in an election.

Twitter is not amused.

Wait — so Trump has ‘already won’ a fraudulent election?

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Donald Trump is already slinging accusations of “fraud” and accusing the Democrats of “trying to steal the election.” Biden reminded the nation that it is the people, not either candidate, who decides their President. Americans need to brace themselves for the long-haul, and grit their teeth to defend their vote.

Trump is simultaneously declaring a victory before all the votes have been counted while also declaring the election a fraud. Has the irony of this escaped the President?

Trump doesn’t throw fire. He throws ‘nitroglycerin.’

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This election is set to be one of the most important in U.S. history. This many Americans have not headed to the polls for nearly 100 years. Either candidate could edge over the finish line into the White House with as little as one electoral vote. The election has exposed the tragic division and fierce partisanship of the nation, with nearly half of Americans standing in opposing political camps.

Once again, where leadership and unity are in critical demand, the President is fanning the flames. By presumptively declaring victory, he is not only lying to the American people, but stoking the political tension. The nation is a powder keg, and the President should be watering the division with calm reassurance and uniting the two sides.

Instead, as Chris Wallace pointed out, Trump is “throwing a flame into it.”

Are we witnessing the coup of a nation?

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Chris Wallace’s shock reverberated through the nation. For the President to stand in the White House and declare victory before all the votes have been counted is not only ludicrous and downright false — it is ominous.

America cannot stand by while the President continues to use the Constitution as toilet paper.

Every vote counts.

Maths teachers heads are exploding

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In the age of post-truth, sensation sticks more than facts. Unfortunately, Donald Trump is King when it comes to spreading misinformation and slinging mud. He called victory in Pennsylvania with only 66 percent of the vote counted. The state still has 1.4 million votes to land in either Trump or Biden’s camp.

He built a wall around the White House for a reason

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By November 3, nearly 100 million Americans had already cast their vote. Millions more queued for up to 12 hours to vote at polling stations. In the nation where up to 100,000 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in a single day, people could be risking their lives to vote. More than Trump’s career is on the line. America’s democracy is at stake.

Trump knows this, and he built a wall around his house in preparation.

‘A government of the people, for the people, by the people’

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Donald Trump needs a crash course in democracy and a short “how-to” for this election. The American people, not the President, will decide the outcome of the next few days.

Trump loves to compare himself to Abraham Lincoln: He has done more for the Black community than any other president except “maybe Lincoln.” Trump also said ‘I can be more presidential than any other president since Lincoln.’

As American author Frank Herbert said:

“All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities.”

If Trump considers himself to be like the 16th President of the United States, he would be wise to bear by these words:

America chooses its President — not Trump.

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