Twitter hilariously remixes the bonkers ‘victory’ prayer of Trump’s top spiritual advisor

Paula White holding a bible


Trump’s Spiritual Advisor, Paula White, is calling in the angels to help the president turn the tides of the election. In a bizarre, podium-banging outburst, White repeatedly shouts victory, speaks in tongues, and claims angels are being “dispatched” from heaven…and Africa.

Twitter had a field day.


Before diving into the ridicule, take a moment to enjoy the display for yourself.

Waiting for the votes to be counted

Women looking at a laptop biting a pencil


While anxiously awaiting the vote count, Twitter users enjoyed a moment of bonding over Paula White’s loopy display.

Paula White: The Remix

A woman wearing headphones and dancing in front of a yellow background


It didn’t take long for the remixes to roll in — the internet works quickly!

The angels are coming

Woman dressed as an angel standing in front of a black background


Most people thought Trump didn’t like immigrants from Africa — there was a particular term that he used — but Twitter thinks exceptions must be made for angels.

Background guy

A photograph of a smiling woman holding a magnifying glass.


Twitter users are really curious about the guy walking around behind Paula White. What’s that guy’s story?

The Demonic Confederacy Will Rise Again!

A shadowy photo of a devil


Sometimes it feels like we are living in an SNL skit.

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