‘Coming in with the heat’: Warnock and Ossoff ads are bringing game (and puppies!) to the GA runoff

  • 11/12/2020 12:01 pm ET Sabrina Matthews


Georgia candidates are still campaigning, for a runoff election on January 5. If both Democrats win, that will bring the US Senate to 50/50, breaking Mitch McConnell’s strangle hold. But without Democrats in these two seats, it will be nearly impossible to pass important legislation on health care, criminal justice reform, climate change, and environmental justice. In short, much of the work we elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to do.

Democrats Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock are the Georgia candidates who can back Biden’s play in the Senate. We’ve got videos to show off their politics, personalities, and…puppies?!?

Georgia will have Mail-in (or “Absentee”) ballots, and early voting to make it easier and safer for people to vote in the runoff. But runoffs are notoriously difficult to win, and Georgia is notorious for voter suppression.

So if you have friends in Georgia, pick a couple of these handy Twitter videos to share with them. And remind them to vote — by mail, early, or on January 5!

The Democratic Georgia candidates

DemCastUSA has a snappy video to reintroduce Ossoff and Warnock for the runoff.

The Lincoln Project is at it again!

The Democratic Jon Ossoff trailed his one-term Republican opponent by a mere 2% in the November election. Probably because Ossoff opened up a big can of whoop-ass in their debate. And the Lincoln Project serves that moment up for Georgia runoff voters.

That was their only debate — because the Republican Perdue didn’t come back for another helping.

Getting in on the ground floor

Barrack Obama endorsed Dr. Warnock from the beginning: here he is backing him in the special election at the beginning of Georgia candidates’ race for the Senate.

‘Do this basic thing that can make America better’

Obama showed up for Jon Ossoff too — and the socially distant elbow bump.

Going to the dogs

Dr. Warnock isn’t afraid of a little smack talk — or puppies.

Ossoff won’t be left out of the puppy love.

Serious business

It’s not all about pizza and puppies. Dr. Warnock introduces himself, and tells us why he’s one of the Georgia Candidates.

Get ready, Georgia!

Did we mention Dr. Warnock knows how to bring it from the podium?

The Other Georgia candidates.

Side by side photos of Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue

Flickr / Wikimedia

Ossoff and Warnock are up against two Senate short-timers, Republicans who both made shifty stock trades after a January 2020 coronavirus briefing, but still spouted Trump’s COVID-is-no-big-deal happy talk in public. Republican David Perdue enlarged Democrat Ossoff’s nose in Facebook ads in a cartoonish, anti-semitic ploy against Ossoff because he is Jewish.

It seems Perdue never met a cheap shot he didn’t like. “Kah-MAH-lah or KAH-mah-lah or Kamamboamamla, I don’t know,” Perdue claims he just mispronounced the VP Elect’s name. Over and over. After working in the senate with her for four years. Classy.

Republican Kelly Loeffler enjoys being the richest person in the US Senate, calling the Black Lives Matter movement “Marxist,” and hanging with a QAnon conspiracy theorist who makes offensive remarks about Black people, Jews, and Muslims. Here is one of her campaign ads, in which she compares herself to a cartoonish version of an ancient ruler and makes the most of a souvenir pic from Orange vs. Pink Day on Air Force One.

Got Georgia on your mind?

Hard to think so much about Georgia without thinking of the song. Got Georgia on your mind? So does John Legend.

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