‘Where’s the FBI?’ Twitter in flames over claims Lindsey Graham pressured GA lawmaker to toss votes

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If the Democrats “stole” the election, the Republicans should be able to steal it back, right? This appears to be the logic behind the recent allegations from Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger. He says he was pressured by fellow Republicans — including Linsey Graham — to toss out legal ballots.

Twitter is ready to make heads roll.

GA Secretary of State calls Doug Collins a ‘charlatan’ and a ‘liar’

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The Republican Party has been blown apart by this story, broken by the Washington Post. In an interview, Raffensperger accused fellow Republicans of putting pressure on him to question the validity of legally cast absentee ballots. If these should be discounted, as Senator Graham suggested, this could reverse Trump’s narrow defeat in the state.

One of the claims is that the Dominion Voting Systems that manufactures Georgia’s voting machines is a “leftist” company with connections to Venezuela, and it ensured thousands of Trump votes were left out of the count.

Raffensperger pointed out that it all comes down to the numbers, “I’m an engineer. We look at numbers. We look at hard data.”

And then there’s Lindsey Graham…

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One idea reverberated through Twitter following the Raffensperger accusations. If Republican Senators are so concerned about alleged voter fraud, maybe their votes should be recounted?

‘Your life depends on it.’

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The Secretary of State and his wife have received death threats over the Georgia recount, including one text message that threatened: “You better not botch this recount. Your life depends on it.”

The Republican Patriot we have been waiting for?

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Georgia’s Secretary of State expressed his frustration at the slew of criticism directed by Trump and other Republicans against the Georgia results. As Raffensperger pointed out, he was “rooting for the Republicans to win,” but he stressed that “integrity in this office matters.”

The recount will ‘affirm’ the initial count

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During the interview, Raffensperger asserted his belief that the recount would “affirm” the first results. He acknowledged the 2,600 results that were left out of the initial count when they failed to download from a memory stick. Nonetheless, he expressed his confidence that the hand-count audit currently underway in Georgia, would reflect the accuracy of the Dominion machines. Several counties have already reported the recount by hand exactly matches the initial machine totals.

‘Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty’

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Someone once said: “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” Are certain Republican Senators accusing their Democrat counterparts of election interference, when their own party has a long history of tampering with votes? Lindsey Graham putting pressure on Georgia officials is just too rich for some Twitter users.

Time to ignore the lunatic…

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As one user tweeted: “it is time to ignore the lunatic with the nuclear codes,” and focus on these Republican Senators enabling corruption and hindering democracy. Democrat or Republican, it is the people of America who choose their President — not Lindsey Graham.

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