Phew! Twitter breathes a sigh of relief—SCOTUS won’t help Trump overturn the election

Trump and Amy Coney Barrett standing on a balcony

Flickr / The White House

President Trump’s hope that the lackeys he put in the Supreme Court would help him win the election may have just been dashed. SCOTUS is not making any moves to overturn a lower Pennsylvania court’s decision on mail-in ballots.

The Trump team hoped to have any mail-in ballots that arrived after election day excluded, but the PA Supreme Court allowed ballots three days to arrive as long as they were postmarked by November 3rd. As of Monday’s release of the court’s order list, it does not seem that SCOTUS will take any action — at least not before Pennsylvania certifies its election results.

Twitter breathes a sigh of relief

Amy Coney Barrett sitting at a desk

Screenshot / YouTube

The rush to get Amy Coney Barrett confirmed after RGB’s death had many people worried Republicans planned to use the Supreme Court to change election results. So, the fact court doesn’t appear to be joining the coup was a huge relief for many.

Grifters gonna grift

Hand holding out to catch money


Plenty of users think Trump isn’t conceding so that he can keep fleecing his followers.

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