No one likes a sore loser: 6 Republican voters tell Trump it is time to move on

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20 days out from Election Day, and Donald Trump has still not admitted his loss. A presidential concession isn’t a requirement, but many have pointed out there is danger in Trump failing to do so — unity is especially needed in the current climate.

Yet, Trump isn’t merely ignoring his defeat, he is actively spreading misinformation, preventing Biden’s transition, and forcing states to recount. Experts agree that every day this charade continues is detrimental to national security.

GOP lawmakers are playing along, unwilling to tell the temperamental president that it is time to start packing. These six Republican voters, however, have the courage to speak the truth.


A Republican voter since the 1970s, Wendy tells Trump it is time to concede. Every election has a loser, and in 2020, the loser was Donald Trump.


Pete from Ohio says the current Republican leadership is “completely delusional” and “need to lose their jobs”. He is ready for Trump to concede and hopes Biden doesn’t offer any pardons.


Dave from Pennsylvania expounds on America’s long history of peaceful transitions from one president to the next. He says, “it is time for the Trump administration to recognize the results.”


Indiana’s Doctor Donna tells Trump that “it is time to move on.” Biden was chosen by the people in a free and fair election.


A life-long Republican, JIm tells Trump that fraud wasn’t the reason Biden won, “You lost this election because of you.”


Bill, a retired vet from Iowa, is disgusted with Trump and his enabler Lindsey Graham, “this is not what Republicans stand for.”

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