Who’s the boss? Alyssa Milano tells Ted Cruz to take a seat. Twitter cheers!

Side by side photos of Ted Cruz and Alyssa Milano


Forget about Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr. The biggest fight of 2020 is taking place in the virtual arena: Ted Cruz against Alyssa Milana on Twitter. The political combatants are warring over the debate to raise the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars.

Ted threw the first punch

Alyssa blocked and returned with a roundhouse kick

The Twitter crowd poured into the arena

Cheerleader holding white pom pons


Ted Cruz is a US Senator from Texas and Alyssa Milano is an actress and political activist. He is Republican and she is a Democrat, and the political divide became quickly apparent on Twitter. Cruz’s claim that the Democrats are the “party of the rich” and the GOP represents the “working class” was put through the shredder.

A bit rich coming from you Ted

Ted cruz speaking at an event

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Users wasted no time mocking Cruz and his statements.

Ted doesn’t need facts


Ted Cruz can’t be bothered with pesky things like truth or facts.

Verdict: Ted Cruz loses

Ted Cruz standing on a stage

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

According to Ted Cruz, the GOP “is and always will be the party of the working class.” Yet, as one user pointed out, Mitch McConnell voted against raising the minimum wage at least 16 times, while he voted to increase his own pay and uphold an automatic pay increase of $4,900 for Congress members.

While working-class Texans are lining up at food banks, Ted Cruz’s wife is an executive of Goldman Sachs with a net worth of $4 million. Milano had it right when she told this out-of-touch senator to “sit down”.

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