A new holiday song to drown out the unpresidential noise until Biden takes over

  • 12/02/2020 1:19 pm ET Brian Frazer and Sabina Matthews
A new holiday song to drown out the unpresidential noise until Biden takes over

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Here is a little holiday song featuring a dozen of Trump’s worst offenses, set to a familiar tune. There were, of course, a gazillion examples of bad behavior to choose from, but we wanted the song to end in time for Biden to be sworn in. We can’t forget why we voted Trump’s impeached arse out of the White House, but it all sounds less bleak in a holiday song.

Front Page Live offers you a video perfect for humming along, and sharing on Zoom family gatherings:

Of course, we all wish we could wake from the last four nightmare years like a bad season of television pulp drama. But, unfortunately, it all really happened. And we will need to remember and learn from it, so there is no chance of a repeat performance.

We may need to remind other people, or at the very least be able to fend off alternative versions emanating from the dark dimensions of the Trumpiverse. As you make your tentative forays into the coronapocalypse to stock up on victuals to get through this home stretch, you are sure to catch a smattering of non-sequitur talking points, spouted from maskless lips. Now you have a new holiday song in case you need some talking points of your own. A little ditty to hum, a soundtrack to drown out the unpresidential noise.

The last four years have been everything Republicans could have hoped for. The autocratic, orange, ringmaster of the fascist circus sucked all the attention to the center ring with his constant antics and lies. Meanwhile, Moscow Mitch waged his usual three-pronged assault on majority rule off to the side. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, and regular injections of conservative judges assure that these old white long-termers can continue keeping the rich rich, the poor poor, and the wheels of giant corporations grinding over exploited workers and a defenseless planet.

Yeah, we’re going to need to remember that.

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