‘For the love of God, STFU!’ GOP group’s viral video skewers Trump and Twitter goes wild

Profile photo of Trump

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The Lincoln Project isn’t done with Donald Trump. Their newest ad shows it’s time for him to shut up. And plenty of Twitter users could not agree more.

Watch Whispers III

Check out the latest installment of the GOP groups’s blistering anti-Trump campaign, Whispers III. We don’t want to spoil it, so stay to the end.

Don’t leave early

Graphic showing part of a clock face.


The last line of the video is killer.

Why Trump keeps talking

Trump yelling standing in front of American flags

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The president can’t shut up; he needs to keep his followers on the hook.

They’re all coming for you

Trump sitting next to a pile of money with bankruptcy stamped across it

Screenshot / YouTube

When Trump leaves the White House, where will he hide from his creditors?

Where will he hide from prosecutors?

Will a pardon save him?

Trump smirking

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Everyone expects Trump to pardon himself, or make sure someone will.

No matter what a pardon is for, a pardon is an admission of guilt.

What a waste of time

‘Down With The Golfcart Godfather’: Twitter Reacts to Lincoln Project Video


It’s not like Trump has anything to brag about.

If we get Trump to shut up, can we stop talking about him?

Woman with tape over her mouth


One of the worst parts of this administration is having to pay attention to Donald Trump.

A breathtaking display

The Trump family on a balcony of the White House

Flickr / The White House

It’s not like the Lincoln Project is going to run out of things to criticize Trump for. Even if he does shut up.

Will we ever know how much the Lincoln Project helped in the election?

Somebody call a doctor

Presidents are contagious too: The sick old man at the Walter Reed should listen to his medics, not his spin doctors. 1

Screenshot / Twitter

Trump is sounding more and more unhinged.

And he still has the nuclear codes.

How many days to January 20?

A calendar on a table


Just past the holidays…

The last word

Medium shot of Joe Biden


Biden said it best. Will you shut up, man?

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