Whiny orange baby demands Georgia call off January election. Twitter implodes.

Side by side photos of Brian Kemp and Donald Trump


Do-nothing Donald continues to spread half-baked conspiracies and fully-baked panic in his latest insane pleas to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to cancel the upcoming run-off elections. Because according to the most corrupt president in U.S. history — y’know, the one who has been impeached and told nearly 25,000 lies — if you just ignore counting the votes from November that King Donald doesn’t like, it would be a landslide, and there’d be no reason for any run-offs.

Spoiler alert: even with this twisted logic, there would still be a run-off needed between two Republicans. Big Donnie needs to run his lies through the lie machine, so at least they have a semblance of potential.

Twitter was not pleased with the additional headaches provided by the orange man-baby.

The guy who lost by 6.4 million votes is still whining

A screenshot from The Apprentice

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When you “beat” Hillary in 2016 with 306 electors, you called it a “landslide” — even though you lost the popular vote by three million. Now that the tables have turned and Joe Biden beat you with the identical 306 electors — but with nearly 7 million more votes — suddenly you won that election too with some of your magical thinking.

Well, despite voter suppression, destroying the sanctity of the Post Office, closing down polling stations in minority neighborhoods, and having your band of thieves broadcast your propaganda daily, you still lost. Bigly.

Yet another scam from the guy who couldn’t keep a casino afloat

Trump trying to drink a glass of water

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Melania and Ivanka have already announced that this is their last year in the White House. They know it’s over. And impeached Donald knows it, too. He’s just trying to take as much MAGA money with him as possible on the way out.

When Brian Kemp is the good guy you might be on the wrong side of history

Brian kemp giving a speech

Screenshot / NBC News

Some people love Trump because they say “he’s a fighter.” No, he’s not. He’s a liar and a coward and a bully and a jerk.

When Bill Barr is the good guy you’re DEFINITELY on the wrong side of history

Trump and Barr shaking hands


Bill Barr has just announced that there was no discernible voter fraud. Just leave already, Don-Don. I’ll help you move. I’ll even drive every Trump to the airport.

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