‘Did they find her on craigslist?’ Trump’s dubious witness goes viral—Twitter can’t stop laughing

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Has the Trump campaign teamed up with SNL, or is the President testing out a new sketch show to run after he leaves the White House? Either way, the most entertaining thing to watch right now is the testimony of Trump’s new star witness: Melissa Carone.

The Trump campaign rolled their new star witness before the Michigan House panel on Wednesday. Melissa Carone was so wildly unhinged even Rudy Giuliani tried to hush her — but it was too late, she’s gone viral.

UPDATE: Carone has already been parodied on SNL!

You just knew Cecily Strong was going to play Carone.

Melissa Carone is my ‘spirit animal’

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The trainwreck testimony is spreading like wildfire on social media.

Melissa Carone slurred her words and constantly spoke over state Representative Steven Johnson (R). Carone claimed that some 100,000 fraudulent ballots had been cast. Johnson pointed out there was no evidence for this: “We’re not seeing the poll book off by 30,000 votes,” to which Carone shot back:

What’d you guys do, take it and do something crazy to it?

Meanwhile, the Trump team has yet to provide evidence to back these claims. The county judge ruled her allegations as “simply not credible.”

Melissa Carone is making waves on Twitter for other reasons, however.

Melissa Carone committed ‘obscenity in the first degree’


Melissa Carone spoke before the panel alleging election fraud: “It’s wildly off, and dead people voted, and illegals voted.” Her flurry of bizarre conspiracies and baseless allegations drew laughter from the room.

It has since emerged that Carone was on probation for a year for committing computer crime: “obscenity in the first degree.”

Only the best of the best

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As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to “surround myself only with the best and most serious people.” He continues to boast he only hires the “best people” or the “top, top people.”

Melissa Carone joins an illustrious list.

‘Erin Drunkovich’

Beer tap


Since her testimony, more information has been dredged from the internet about Melissa Carone. It would appear she has an acting profile on Talent.com, suggesting that the Trump team is hiring actors for their witnesses. A Facebook page in her name shows her at a “Stop the Steal” rally supporting Trump, which puts her neutrality into question. There are also rumors that she could be the “Melissa Anne Wright” from the police reports of a messy brawl between two women.

The sarcasm flowed thick and fast on Twitter….

And there’s more:

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