‘You can’t fire me, I quit!’ Twitter mocks rumors of AG Barr’s resignation

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There is a macabre story that if you die alone in your apartment, your cat will waste no time before feasting on your corpse while a dog would near starve before eating his owner — There was always something feline about Bill Barr…

The Attorney General William Barr may soon be quitting Trump’s administration. The story was first broken by the New York Times, who reported that Barr is “considering quitting before Trump leaves office.” The AG is said to be “furious over president’s bullying” following the conclusion by the Department of Justice that there was no evidence of widespread election fraud.

Wrong answer, Bill

William Barr smiling


A reporter asked Trump last week if he still had confidence in Barr. Trump responded: “Ask me that in a number of weeks from now.” The President slammed Barr in a meeting on Thursday claiming he “hasn’t done anything” to find voter fraud. Trump maintains the Georgia Senate is finding “tremendous volumes” of evidence.

Twitter turned blue in response, with users flooding the site with pictures of a sinking ship (S.S. Trump)  with rats fleeing in droves.

Because rats always flee a sinking ship


Twitter agrees: Barr is just following nature.

The ‘You can’t fire me, I quit!’ technique

A shadow hand making finger gun

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Is another Twitter firing on the horizon?

Barr read the writing on the wall


At least some people in the Trump camp aren’t delusional…

What won’t Barr do?

William Barr smiling


Rumors circulated Twitter as to the REAL reason Barr could be resigning. Is he distancing himself from the President before the end of his tenure in order to disassociate himself from the Trump administration? Perhaps, as one user suggested, he is trying to goad the President into firing him for the same reason.

Several people speculated that Trump may be planning something even William Barr cannot stomach.

Whatever the motive, should William Barr resign then deputy attorney Jeffrey A. Rosen would head the Justice Department until 20 January when President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

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