Team Trump botched the vaccine rollout—just like they screwed up everything else

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With the first known variant COVID-19 case popping up in Colorado, many are frustrated with the pace of vaccination.

The Colorado man, currently in isolation, has not traveled out of the United States making it likely that undetected transmission of the new variant is happening here. This development increases the urgency of the national campaign to vaccinate people — a process that is already receiving criticism.

Since December 14th, only a little over 2 million people have received the first of the two-dose vaccination.

‘It will take us 10 years’

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The Trump Administration has garnered plenty of criticism for the “diffusion of responsibility” when it comes to the handling of the vaccine. In a recent CNN interview, Dr. Wen did a quick calculation of the time it would take to get 80% of Americans vaccinated at the current pace: 10 years.

Operation Warp Speed’s chief communications officer Michael Pratt is insistent that things are right on schedule. Pratt said, “Operation Warp Speed remains on track to have approximately 40 million doses of vaccine and allocate 20 million doses for first vaccinations by the end of December 2020, with distribution of the 20 million first doses spanning into the first week of January as states place orders for them.”

Biden criticizes distribution efforts

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In a speech on Tuesday, President-elect Joe Biden criticized the Trump administration’s efforts.

As I long feared and warned, the effort to distribute and administer the vaccine is not progressing as it should.

Biden warns that it will be the nation’s “greatest operational challenge”, and he has plans to get 50 million people vaccinated in his first 100 days. However, he admits that “it will take more time than anyone would like” and that the needed effort is “not yet underway.”

Meanwhile, Trump is shifting blame to the states:

Twitter pushes back

Donald Trump on a golf course leaning on a club.

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As the death toll continues to rise, Trump is busy spending his last days in office on the golf course instead of working to facilitate the vaccine rollout. People are already calling him out for botching vaccination efforts — just like he screwed up everything else…

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