Find 11,780 votes: Leaked phone call catches Trump appearing to violate state and federal law

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Yes, it really happened. On Saturday, the President of the United States pressed the Georgia secretary of state to “find” 11,780 votes, enough to overturn Biden’s victory. From the West to the East Coast, Americans seeking justice are rejoicing at the news — because the call was recorded.

Twitter says it is time #Impeach Trump. Again.

Trump threatens GA secretary of state

During the hour-long phone call between Donald Trump and Brad Raffensperger, the President flattered, implored, and even threatened the GA secretary of state to “find” the extra votes. At one point Trump warned Raffensperger there would be “a big risk” if the state refused to comply.

Trump sure loves an impeachment

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Legal analysts have described the phone call as a shocking abuse of power and a potential criminal act that could lead to the President’s second impeachment.

Georgia state law has two provisions that criminalize the “solicitation of election fraud” and “conspiracy to commit election fraud.”

Anthony Michael Kreis, a Georgia State University law professor, explains, “The Georgia code says that anybody who solicits, requests or commands or otherwise attempts to encourage somebody to commit election fraud is guilty of solicitation of election fraud.” He added, “The president asked, in no uncertain terms, the secretary of state to invent votes, to create votes that were not there.”

Harris calls it ‘the voice of desperation’

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Kreis, alongside fellow law professor Jed Shugerman, has also pointed out that Trump would be unable to pardon himself on this occasion. If the phone call went to court, it would be state — not federal. As Kreis explained to Politico:

The most damaging part of the call is when Trump says that the Secretary of State should just say he ‘retabulated’ the numbers. It reveals that he isn’t blowing off steam or sincerely seeking out the truth. His only demand is to have votes tossed or invented to fabricate a win.

Kamala Harris called the phonecall “the voice of desperation” and a “bald-faced, bold abuse of power by the president”.

Trump could be guilty of violating state AND federal law

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Legal experts contend that the President may have violated both state and federal law. Andrew Weissman is a former attorney who worked with the Department of Justice for 20 years.

He tweeted, “Trump’s statement shows he knows what the law is and he is doing precisely what it forbids: seeking to cause submission of false election results, and threatening folks to do that to book. Federal and state crimes.”

Twitter has some helpful suggestions

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Twitter had plenty of suggestions for the President for where to find these missing votes…

Have you seen my votes?

Trump during the 60 minutes interview

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Sometimes, a picture says a thousand tweets.

Sorry, Donald. We looked behind all the sofas but we couldn’t find your votes. Unfortunately, the White House is now full, so you will have to con elsewhere.

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