The most stunning videos of MAGA thugs breaking into US Capitol

A member of Trump's insurrection screams in front of the US Capitol.

screenshot / MSNBC

An insurrection took place at the US Capitol Wednesday, in a scene that most Americans are more used to seeing take place in other countries.

Trump whipped a crowd into a frenzy and sent them to storm the building where the US Congress met for a once Pro-forma tabulation of votes. The one-term president then withdrew to the White House while thousands of his minions scaled capitol walls, smashed doors, and overpowered police.

The nation tried to piece together the story on tiny screens as Twitter and other social media feeds spat out images from the chaos. We have some of the most stunning videos (don’t miss the one captioned ‘Holy shit’).

Twitter itself struggled to keep its platform stable and to “significantly restrict”  misleading election claims and other comments that could further incite violence. This disclaimer started showing up: “These labeled Tweets will not be able to be replied to, Retweeted, or liked.”

The calm before the storm

Close up of Mitch McConnell

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

As rioters approached the Capitol, some watched in shock as Mitch McConnell planted his feet firmly on the side of democracy.

Insurrection at the US Capitol

screenshot / MSNBC

Even with all of the calls for insurrection in recent weeks from Trump and his followers, there were not enough police on hand to protect the Capitol.

People want to know why, and how…and who.

Quick thinking!

A model head with brain functions drawn on it


As Senators and Representatives evacuated from their chambers, an aid secured the all-important documents.

Lawmakers in the line of fire

screenshot / MSNBC

The walls of the Capitol couldn’t hold out Trump’s insurrection.

Secret Service evacuated Vice President Pence as lawmakers sheltered in place until they could be evacuated.

Here DIDN’T come the cavalry

screenshot / Fox News

As the insurrection continued, help was slow to arrive — because it was slow to be rolled out.

Once inside, the rioters helped themselves to offices and photographed — and stole — documents.

And who knows what they left behind.

Because they clearly did not go through metal detectors.

Lucky for these rioters they’re not there for Black lives

Police pointing a gun at a father and child

Screenshot / Twitter

There is no escaping the difference between the response to these insurrectionists and to Black Lives Matter activists.

Apparently protecting lives requires more of a police response than stopping an insurrection.

We need a real president

Trump with his arms crossed

Twitter / @DonaldJGrumpy

Joe Biden took to the airwaves, calling for an end to the insurrection. He also challenged Trump to come out and ask his supporters to disassemble.

Trump did release a video from the safety of the West Wing, telling the insurrectionists for the thousandth time that the election had been stolen, but they should go home. And PS “We love you.”

screenshot / Twitter

But the National Guard was finally rolled out (despite the Commander in Chief).

What happens next?

A pile of question marks.


This was not a tailgate.

And if we do take our republic seriously, it’s not just the foot soldiers who need to be punished.

Self-defense. And maybe mental health.

Big names call this what it is: insurrection

George W Bush giving a speech from the Oval Office

White House Photo / Eric Draper

Even George W. Bush is calling this an insurrection.

And there are laws to cover this.

James Mattis isn’t afraid to name names.

The work goes on

The Senate, empty.


After the chambers and halls of the Capitol were secured, the vote to certify the electors WENT AHEAD.

To be continued…

Despite the six o’clock curfew ordered by the DC mayor, insurrectionists were still roaming the streets into the evening hours.

The story ain’t over…

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