‘Bye Felicia’: Twitter trolls sore loser Trump

Trump during the 60 minutes interview

Screenshot / YouTube

Boo-hoo! Impeached disgraced traitor insurrectionist orange diaper-wearing cry baby president Donald J. Trump won’t be taking his talents to see Joe Biden sworn in as president due to a raging case of sore-loser-itis. He’s the first incumbent to miss his successor’s inauguration since Andrew Johnson in 1869. In case you forgot, Johnson was also impeached, incompetent, an asshole, and sympathetic to Confederate traitors, so it’s like he and Trump are soulmates.

Twitter feasted on the sore loser’s losing losses.

I doubt Biden even invited you


What makes you think the guy who won by 7 million votes that you contested in over 60 frivolous lawsuits over nearly two and a half months would want you there anyway?

Sore loser/Sore winner/Sore enough of him

A photograph of the English "Trump Baby" parade float.

Screenshot / YouTube

When even Hope Hicks is fleeing the sinking U.S.S. Trump you know the clown show is over.

He’s even sore at Pence!

Pence making a grimacing face

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

The sore loser soon-to-be twice impeached President is said to have told Mike Pence,  “I don’t want to be your friend” after the VP refused to block Biden’s election certification. Which — spoiler alert — he had zero power to do, anyway.


Ironically he’s not sore about this

screenshot / Twitter

Oddly but predictably, watching the carnage in the Capitol actually seemed to calm the orange savage beast.

The cry-baby in chief

A baby bottle and diapers


Even five-year-old children know a sore loser when they see one. And they’re all more mature than the impeached seditious traitor named Trump.

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