Karmic justice: ‘Liberal Lesbian’ outs her MAGA Mom, uncle and aunt for pillaging Capitol

  • 01/12/2021 8:55 am ET Sabrina Matthews


Among the rioters in the mob around the Capitol were three relatives of Helena Duke, who happily pointed them out on Twitter.

A self-described ‘liberal lesbian,’ Duke may already have clinched the Turnabout Is Fair Play award for 2021. Having suffered scorn from her relatives for her identity and opinions, Duke was more than ready to offer up their identities when she spotted them storming the U.S. Capitol.

Duke must have been upset when she was kicked out by her family because of their intolerance of her participation in Black Lives Matter activism. Maybe a little schadenfreude will help.

America’s Most Wanted


When the FBI asked for people to identify suspects in the crowd of thugs on Black Lives Matter Plaza, Helena Duke was ready with a tip for the hotline. She spotted her mom grabbing at a woman being harassed by the MAGA crowd in this video. (And getting popped pretty good for it, too.)

No kind words for “that man” (Trump)

screenshot / YouTube / The Guardian

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Helena Duke had no problem saying what she thought about the president. “The fact that our president replied to this violent attack telling these people that he loves and supports them was very disheartening.” In fact, Duke finds it hard “to believe there are people that still stand by that man.”

(Duke doesn’t seem to be much of a fan of the VP either.)

What does this have to do with Black Lives Matter?

Screenshot / Twitter

There is plenty of misdirection out there, as MAGAts and Qanon quacks stretch to equate rioters who stormed the US Capitol and terrorized elected leaders with things like graffiti on the statues of Confederate traitors and slave owners.

It seems Helena Duke is ready with a parallel that sticks. “The extreme police brutality we have seen,” Duke points out, particularly “towards African American people, while these predominantly white people have pictures and videos of them being escorted peacefully out by the police officers — I think the fact that there is this double standard is so obvious.”

Facial recognition

teguhjati pras / Pixabay

Just in case there was any doubt her mother was one of the rioters, Duke submitted another example for recognition.

New family

It seems that Helena Duke has plenty of places to hang her hat now. And not with rioters.

There are people ready to make sure she eats…

…and just general moral support.

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