Parler isn’t being censored but its pro-violence hate-speech is being stopped—we have the receipts


This is a very sad story* so you may want to grab the nearest box of Kleenex.

Parler, the unsupervised, mendacious, right-wing Nazi-esque answer to Twitter has been booted from Google Play and the Apple app store. And, yesterday, at midnight on January 11, Amazon Web Services said, “We’re taking an indefinite break from your unchecked violent conspiracy-laden madness you alternative fact bullshit carnie liars”** and removed Parler from their servers.

So, for now, the only way Parler people can spread their organized white supremacist hate is by writing down their “whataboutisms” on a napkin and then slipping it under their neighbor’s door.

* if you’re a truth-denying racist
** paraphrasing

Let the whining begin!

A photograph of Devin Nunes.

Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Devin Nunes went on Fox to complain that— with no more Parler— he and his fellow Republicans no longer had a place to complain WHILE HE WAS COMPLAINING ON FOX NEWS.

Despite the set-back, propaganda superstar and Parler CEO Dan Bongino thinks Parler will be up and running again soon. Then again, Bongino’s first ingredient is lies, so who knows what he really thinks.

First Amendment Ignorance

Trump hugging the American flag

Screenshot / YouTube

It’s very easy to learn about the first amendment that the right-wing snowflakes are convinced have been stolen away from them. Google is free.

No, your first amendment rights aren’t being taken away. That would happen if you stood on a corner and yelled that Donald Trump is an asshole (Spoiler Alert: He is!) and then you were arrested. You have the right to your opinion. You have the right to free speech. What you DON’T have is the right to free reach.

Parler, Twitter, Facebook, etc., are PRIVATE COMPANIES. They can set whatever guidelines they choose. Y’know, just like that bakery you supported that refused to sell gay couples wedding cakes.

Promoted is the opposite of silenced

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Conservative views are not being silenced. Far from it. Eight or nine of the top ten most popular posts on Facebook are generally occupied by the right from the likes of Bongino, Rush Limbaugh, and Ben Shapiro.

Cries over the censorship by big tech is laughable. The only reason it’s even FINALLY being brought up is that the Zuckerbergs and Jack Dorseys of the world saw the dissent and anger as a cash cow. And they were correct. That’s why they’re billionaires and not thousandaires. However, now they’ve calculated that insurrection and murder and instability and more murder aren’t ultimately good for their bottom lines.

Here are just a smattering of how Parler stayed in business.

The deadly insurrection that killed five (so far) has woken up the country as to the dangers of unmitigated, unfiltered, and unprecedented hate. It’s also a recruitment tool that makes shutting down the likes of a Parler a necessity.

Amazon Web Services had sent Parler a letter warning them of their failure to moderate, and Parler didn’t adapt. So, for now, Parler joins the scrap heap of tech. But don’t get too cocky. It will find another home at some point. Hate always does.

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