MAGA thug in ‘Camp Auschwitz’ hoodie is arrested. Guess how many DUIs he has.

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White supremacist pride backfired on Robert Keith Packer when his ‘Camp Auschwitz’ sweatshirt got him arrested.

The sweatshirt itself isn’t against the law (sadly), but his willingness to wear the supremely offensive slogan while facing multiple cameras made him easy to find. “The sweatshirt,” FBI Special Agent Paul J. Fisher wrote in the federal affidavit, “appears to be a symbol of Nazi hate ideology.”

The horrifying message Packer wore on his chest focussed media attention on him. As more images emerged, Agent Fisher was able to use the many photos to match Packer to his Virginia driver’s license. A witness also identified him as a regular shopper at a store near Newport News, VA, where Packer lives. The FBI was able to obtain surveillance footage of the suspect at the store in the same sweatshirt.

Yeah, that’s him all right

screenshot / YouTube

You can just make out the lower text of Packer’s antisemitic garb, as he poses with people showing off the shredded sign from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s door.  It reads, “Work Brings Freedom,” a translation of the sign posted above the gates of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps between the 1930s and 1940s.

German concentration camp, Auschwitz I (the main camp), Poland (1940-1945), Wikimedia Commons.

Jews, Romani, queers, and anyone else whose national origin, body or opinions offended Adolf Hitler’s sensibilities marched beneath this lie as they entered the concentration camp. Over 1.1 million of them died there.

Offensive repeat offender

Photo showing a jail cell


This is not the first time Packer has been arrested or locked in jail. He served a year for forging public documents and has three DUI convictions, one of which landed him in the ol’ Greybar Hotel for another six months. These four convictions are on top of a stack of smaller traffic offenses.

Packer’s time in prison does not seem to have granted him any empathy for the imprisoned, or the sense to stop breaking the law. His charges from participation in the riot at the US Capitol include entering a restricted building, for which he can be sentenced up to ten years, and committing disorderly conduct once inside, for which Packer could rack up another six months in the slammer.

For the time being, a judge made Robert Keith Packer free, but not for long. The Virginian-Pilot reports that Packer is set to appear by ‘virtual hookup’ on January 19. Until then, according to Buzzfeed, Packer is not allowed to return to Washington DC. Unless he wants to get arrested again.

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