Watch the MAGA mob justify their attack on the Capitol. Prepare to be confused.

A member of Trump's insurrection screams in front of the US Capitol.

screenshot / MSNBC

If Donald Trump ever wins the lottery, the number 232 won’t be his winning ticket — and he can thank his unapologetic supporters for that.

Yesterday, Trump made history for all the wrong reasons, becoming the first U.S. President to be impeached twice. 232 members of the House voted in favor — the same number as his losing tally of electoral college votes.

The historic impeachment comes after a series of stormy events following the attack on the Capitol building.

On the 6th of January, Congress prepared itself for the traditional ceremony whereby, according to the constitution, the vice-president certifies the official electoral college vote. It should have been as rudimentary as opening an envelope at the Oscars and reading the winner for Best Actor. Instead, the Capitol was besieged in an insurrection by MAGA maniacs wielding weapons, teargas, pipe bombs, and whatever else they could get their seditious hands on.

Trump and his political allies argued that he didn’t encourage the mob. But all you have to do is read a handful of the disgraced president’s tweets clamoring for chaos on January 6th. Or watch three minutes of his incendiary speech urging the march to treason the morning of the electoral counting.

“Stand back and stand by” - until January 6

Remember when Donald Trump told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by” in the first presidential debate?

Well, they did the standing back part — until that fateful Wednesday. Then they joined fellow terrorists from across the country in trying to dismantle democracy and the rule of law.

Trump’s mob have the floor

Screenshot / Business Insider

Thanks to Barry Rubin at The Bulwark, we have footage of these domestic terrorists shortly before the violent insurrection. In their own words, they tell us why they were at the Stop the Steal Rally, and what they planned to do next.


Trump was directly responsible for the violence, as his incendiary commands whipped up the mob before the event.

Trump told them to stand by. Told them to fight. Told them to come to DC. Told them to stop the steal. Told them to go to the Capitol. Told them to make Pence “stay strong” and “stop the certification” of Trump’s loss. He waited hours to send in the National Guard. Told them he loved them.

— Luke Zaleski (@ZaleskiLuke) January 13, 2021

Trump fomented a violent insurrection against the US government. Plain and simple. What’s the confusion about invoking the 25th amendment exactly? Five people are dead. Did he kill them himself with his bare hands? No. Neither did Charles Manson.

— Luke Zaleski (@ZaleskiLuke) January 13, 2021

Others blamed the wider context of an education system that had failed millions of Americans, and the complicit Republicans standing behind Donald Trump.

— Stacy Sometimes (@Dominowarlock) January 13, 2021

I believe that Rs deliberately kept these people ignorant, refused to fund public education, & fed them lies & conspiracies to control their votes. Now we all have to deal with 35% of our citizens being uneducated, ignorant & deluded. Add violent and dangerous to the equation and you have a recipe for unrest.

— dg33 (@dg33) January 13, 2021

Some stars of the video couldn’t escape comment, like the guy who photoshopped his face onto Rambo’s body…


The Bulwark clip also prompted other users on Twitter to share more footage of the Capitol insurrectionists. Some were taken shortly before the attack, such as the Jordan Klepper video.

Other documentation consisted of wobbly smartphone footage that showed the mob inside the Capitol building. It was painfully obvious that many of those recorded were following out a coordinated attack.

Others simply seemed confused. Perhaps no one more than this guy, overcome by the emotion of making history by ‘Smoking weed at the Capitol.’

Fool me once, shame on you

screenshot / Twitter

Some critics argue that the Capitol building was taken over too easily, and allege possible collusion from within the building. As the debate continues, close to 20,000 soldiers have been deployed to defend Capitol Hill in preparation for next Wednesday’s inauguration.

The arrests over those involved in the insurgency continue to mount and Donald Trump’s second impeachment is now at the conviction stage on a silver platter for the Senate. Until Joe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States on the 20th of January, the United States —and the world— will hold its breath.

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