‘You’re a f—ing fascist’: Ted Cruz and Seth Rogen brawl on Twitter


Even before he helped lead an insurrection against our democracy, very few people liked Sen. Ted Cruz. Well, add Seth Rogen to the list of haters.

Understandably, people are more than miffed at Cruz’ behavior in refusing to acknowledge that President Joe Biden won the election, challenging certification of other already certified states and pretending that this is all for the good of the country — instead of for the good of Cruz.

So last week, Rogen bypassed all subtlety in letting the Texas Senator know what he thinks of him and called him a fascist on Twitter.

Most adults would have ignored it. Most senators would have had more urgent matters on their to do list, like getting a stimulus package passed, trying to keep the pandemic in check, and making sure people don’t starve. But Cruz is not most people and he’s adult-adjacent on his best day.

Cruz not only saw the tweet, but answered Rogen. And it’s been a non-stop Twitter battle royale ever since Joe Biden took his hand off the Bible on inauguration day.

How it started

Ted cruz speaking at an event

Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Ted Cruz is as far from clever as Pluto is from the sun. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t try.

After four years of being silent on everything Trump did, Cruz had the nerve to criticize Biden just a few hours after he was sworn in.

There were defenders on each side …

Fascist du jour

Man holding a sign that says "Trump is a fascist!"


Being a fascist is a bad thing. Ted Cruz is a bad thing.

It’s too bad dictionary.com is so expensive and it’s so costly to look up a word.


Ted loves his click-bait


Screenshot / YouTube

This isn’t even in the top 10,000 dumbest things Cruz has been involved in.

There were a flood of Rogen defenders.

Rogen has tangled with North Korea — he can handle Ted


And don’t even think of messing with Pittsburgh!


Even Fantasia wasn’t off the table


How could an innocent question lead to THIS? It can when one of the worst senators ever tries to change the subject from his sedition.

If you thought Ted would let that go, you’d be wrong.

But there might be a price to pay for Mr. Rogen!

Even Mary Trump got involved!

Screenshot / Democracy Now!

The only Trump to be on the right side of history has done it again.

And he offended people with Tourette’s!

Medicine Pills


If Ted served under FDR he probably would have mocked his wheelchair.


Finally Ted put “all jokes aside”

Man laughing in front of a blue background


Which probably took him zero time because he’s never made another human laugh.

Like I said, people don’t really like Ted Cruz.


Hollywood gets the last word


Because a leader of an insurrection never should.

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