‘She’s MAGA. She’s a forever Trumper. She’s a liar.’ Twitter lashes out at Sarah Sanders.

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Sarah Sanders has thrown her hat in the ring to be the latest in the Huckabee line for governor of Arkansas. Her highest-profile fan, the one-term ex-president, has unsurprisingly endorsed her run, saying Sanders will “do what is right.”

Well, there’s a first time for everything.

After opening with a story about meeting a US soldier and being able to hold a conversation with him, Sanders’s eight-minute video lurches through a string of supposed achievements that make her sound more like Dwight Eisenhower than a White House Press Secretary who gained attention with her frequent lies during the ever-shorter and less frequent press briefings she chose to hold.

Perhaps lying to the American public from the White House and keeping her job is what Sarah Sanders means when she claims, “I took on the media…and I won.” If that’s winning, she obviously killed it. But here in the real world, Meidas Touch gets right to the bottom line.

Are Sarah Sanders pants on fire?

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No amount of foundation can cover pathological lies.

And no matter what Sarah Sanders claims now, she can’t change the past.

They got her number Down Under


While some in the U.S. may be fooled, Sarah Sanders can’t pull the wool over this Australian journo’s eyes. This is a much more gratifying on-camera appearance than Sanders’s campaign vid.

That interview was to promote her new book about the guy she used to lie for.

The unemployment line

An image of Trump with a thought bubble above his head with the twitter logo inside.

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“Sarah will be a GREAT Governor, and she has my Complete and Total Endorsement!” Fox News quoted from Trump’s statement.

Perhaps the network is trying to worm their way back into Trump’s good graces. Otherwise, why reprint his messages of random upper case letters long after Twitter has turfed him to lesser platforms?

But Sarah Sanders can still tweet, and once she hit “post,” plenty of other Twitter users weighed in. Including this guy from Team Lie.

Okay, that’s disgusting.

The root of all evil

Trump and stormy daniels

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Some of Sarah Sanders’s doozies include, “The president has been clear that there wasn’t campaign-finance violations.” (Yes, that is her syntax). Vanity Fair points out this came after Michael Cohen’s testimony and Trump’s own admission that porn actress Stormy Daniels was paid off to keep her quality time with Donald on the DL.

And don’t forget she had already lied about his lies.

Just the facts, ma’am


Then there were what Sanders characterized as a “countless” number of FBI employees “who said they were very happy” that Trump fired James Comey from his position as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). She had to admit that big one to Robert Mueller, who is another former director of — wait for it — the FBI…ouch.


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And let’s not forget her insistence that Trump had never “promoted or encouraged violence.” This was after a protester at one of Trump’s rallies was tossed out while he told the crowd , “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

It’s hard not to wonder if Sanders would try to float that one again after the capitol riot.

Sarah Sanders wants to rinse and repeat

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One thing Sanders offers is a consistent message, even if it is based on fighting the same old imaginary foes.


Countdown to mediocrity

With two years to go on the campaign trail, Sanders is parroting her orange ex-boss from the White House; promising to ward off socialism, cancel culture, and the radical left.

Wait, she’s going to fight “cancel culture”? Cancel culture was barely a thing even when it was a thing. Take it down a notch, Pinocchio.

Just in case

If you feel the need to watch Sarah Sanders video for yourself, here it is. Please do not, oh gentle reader, watch immediately after a large meal.

Sarah Sanders greatest hits

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