‘Cowardly, complicit’ Marco Rubio skewered by MeidasTouch video and Twitter

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Marco Rubio thinks that Americans have the collective memory of a goldfish. Fortunately, that’s only true for a third of us. The remaining 67% can remember things that a Senator said and did all of two months ago.

The MeidasTouch trio of brothers shows the nation the true fascist colors of Little Marco in their latest video.

Understandably, Twitter erupted.

The party of complicity

Person holding a Trump flag riding through Portland

Screenshot / YouTube

Rubio and the rest of the GOP terror enablers need to have their whataboutism licenses revoked. There is no moral equivalent to tens of thousands of people storming the Capitol with three goals in mind: hanging the vice president, killing the speaker of the House, and stealing the electoral college ballots so they can overthrow the government.

Rubio’s reckless behavior played a part in all three.

We will never forget

Robert Keith Packer was arrested for his role in the Capitol Insurrection

screenshot / YouTube

Jan. 6 must seem like Jan.6, 1700, to Rubio. It was less than a month ago. Police officers (yes, plural, as two more have since committed suicide) died. More than 140 officers were injured. Multiple people were carrying zip ties — perfect for taking hostages. Computers were stolen. Do you want to just brush all this off as if it was a fender bender in the Home Depot parking lot?


Others were even more direct

Marco Rubio stylized as an elf

Screenshot / YouTube

Rubio is a bad actor. He can barely drink water convincingly.

He’s a joke

Marco Rubio getting a vaccine

Screenshot / Twitter

Here he is getting his COVID-19 vaccine, despite consistently and loudly downplaying and mocking the severity of the pandemic.

Hides behind his Bible verses

A Bible lies open, reflected by the glass tabletop.

Aaron Burden / Unsplash

Rubio’s go-to move to distract and deflect is quoting scripture. I wonder how many Floridians will fall for this nonsense when he gets primaried next year?

 Co-Conspirators can’t be jurors

Josh Hawley giving a speech


Journalists should stop asking Rubio what he thinks of Trump’s upcoming trial because he should have to recuse himself from voting yay or nay. Rubio should be charged with sedition, treason, and inciting insurrectionists. In fact, I’m sure he’s already added all three to his GOP resume.

The mob wasn’t a coincidence. It was organized

Robert Keith Packer was a arrested for his role in the Capitol riot.

screenshot / YouTube

Rubio and crew helped to organize, promote, and incite a nearly successful toppling of our democracy. And he and his fellow elected henchmen want to be absolved from all guilt?

Whiners all

GOP Ostrich

Flickr / Storm Williams

When you’re in the GOP, remember, nothing is ever your fault. Ever.

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