Trump is facing charges of ‘incitement of insurrection.’ His legal team? The who’s who of coup


Screenshot of Jan. 6 Capitol riots. Inside Edition / Youtube

Over the weekend, twice-impeached President Donald Trump’s entire five-member legal team quit, so he had to scramble to replace them. And technically he accomplished that. Because David Schoen and Bruce L. Castor, Jr. are in fact, lawyers.

Trump seemed over the moon. He even sent out a press release email — because he hasn’t been banned from Microsoft office yet.

The first sentence reads:

45th President Donald J. Trump today announced that highly respected trial lawyers David Schoen and Bruce L. Castor, Jr., will head his impeachment defense legal team, bringing national profiles and significant trial experience in high-profile cases to the effort.

Highly respected? Does this count as another Trump lie?

Resumés of disgrace

Screenshot / YouTube

Schoen’s former client list of miscreants included propaganda-trafficker Roger Stone and sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. When they go low, Schoen goes lower.

Castor’s claim to shame was when he was a Pennsylvania district attorney who declined to prosecute Bill Cosby due to a “lack of evidence.” I guess he was waiting for another sixty women to claim frisky Bill assaulted them.

Playing the unconstitutional card

A stylized photo of the Constitution


Trump is facing charges of “incitement of insurrection.” However, rather than address the elephant in the room — the rioting that killed five people and injured 140 police officers in an attempt to steal back the presidency — Trump’s new hired dregs are planning on ignoring everything and focusing on the trial being unconstitutional, since he’s no longer in office. Spoiler alert: You know what else is unconstitutional? Trying to overthrow the government.

Trump’s gaggle of lawyers resigned en masse this weekend because the disgraced Don insisted that they frame his case around pushing the big lie of election fraud. In other words, all the violence was warranted because the election was “stolen” from him. Because over 60 court cases and seven million people disagreed, the team of defense attorneys decided that their time would be better spent defending a slice of pizza at a food court. Besides, there’s always a strong chance that they would be involuntarily working pro bono on the case since getting Trump to pay his bills is even tougher than getting him to forego the golf cart.

A Rudy-free circus

Screenshot / ABC

All of this will be for naught as the GOP has no spine. Last week, 45 of the 50 Republican Senators voted to dismiss the trial because it was unconstitutional. Finding twelve additional Senate members to flip when they’ve done nothing but kowtow to Trump for four years seems like a fantasy.

Trump had even argued to his advisors that his case was “simple” and that he could argue it himself and save the money on lawyers. The art of the deal, baby!

As far as his long-time free lawyer/intern, Rudy Giuliani? The ex-mayor is a little busy with his own legal drama. Dominion Voting Systems are suing him for $1.3 Billion for his avalanche of false claims that the election was stolen.

The slam-dunk that wasn’t

Robert Keith Packer was arrested for his role in the Capitol Insurrection

screenshot / YouTube

This should be an open-and-shut case.

Unlike Trump’s first impeachment over his quid pro quo with Ukraine, the coup was televised live. From Trump’s incendiary speech to the subsequent storming of the MAGA masses (who also documented everything on social media), the mountains of evidence are astounding. But then again, so is the GOP subservience to the worst president in history.

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