John Oliver hilariously obliterates white supremacist Tucker Carlson


What makes hate so appealing? Why are the loudest voices on the right constantly spewing vitriol and fear-based messaging pitting Americans against each other at a time when we need to get this country back to work? What kind of person wakes up in the morning and decides to fill the airwaves with deliberate misinformation and disinformation?

Let’s look at the anatomy of hate using Tucker Carlson as an example of someone who regularly riles up the right with outright lies. On “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” you too can get a glimpse of Tucker’s rise to White Nationalist stardom. Unfortunately, his show is so popular that Fox is now giving him even more airtime to divide our nation.

I decided to take a look into how he rose to fame. No one can deny that his family’s wealth and connections allowed him to jump the line. And once he got a taste of power, he decided to lecture Americans on why we need to be fearful of immigrants and anyone else who questions our power structures.

No wonder he’s such a revered figure in white supremacist circles. It’s not too long ago where audio surfaced of him calling Iraqis “primitive monkeys” and said they “don’t use toilet paper or forks.” David Duke loves Tucker Carlson for a good reason. He’s making the KKK popular again.

Perhaps his singular focus on sowing discord is due to his mother abandoning the family when he was six. And maybe, just maybe, when the CIA rejected him for a job, he decided he take out his rage on the left and anyone who doesn’t look like him. Of course, this is just my dime-store analysis, but watching him night after night look right into the camera and denigrate women, minorities, and anyone else who disagrees with his agenda sure looks like someone who has mommy issues and misogynistic tendencies. Whatever the cause, he needs to stop right now and get some therapy.

It’s going to take a concerted effort from progressives to counter the constant firehose of disinformation coming from the crazies on the right. The fight for democracy hasn’t ended; it’s only just begun.

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