How the right-wing is using Georgia’s new voting law to rile up its base, attack those who question the intent of law

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I listen to right-wing talk shows, so you don’t have to start your day off with half-truths and hyperbole.

From Ann Coulter to Dan Bongino, these far-right talking heads spout “facts and figures” as if they were the most intelligent people in the room. The only problem with most of what they say is that it’s simply not true.

Josh Hawley tweeted on Wednesday, “First Biden opens the border, now he opens the floodgates to foreign workers with millions of Americans still out of work.” This false statement is ‘wholly ignorant of the economics of the workforce. It’s also completely wrong about immigration patterns.’ And yet, millions take this statement as the gospel without even questioning the source.

Dan Bongino claims that he has the data to show that more guns, not gun control, make us safer as a country. But, after reviewing his claim and hours of research to locate his “truth,” I found no serious research supporting his claim— instead, multiple studies point in the opposite direction. According to Everytown, the nation’s largest gun safety organization, “The US gun homicide rate is 25 times higher than that of other high-income countries.”

Sure, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, and others sprinkle in a dose of facts here and there, but for the most part, they gaslight the American people and make progressives out to be the big bad wolf.

The far-right is inviting all the nefarious denizens within the Republican Party to emerge from their caves and fight against change. Since they know they have an unpopular agenda, the GQP appeals to every last aggrieved White voter.

The conservative media claim that the new Georgia voting law will make it easier to vote, not harder. They say the new law will correct the state’s dysfunction and fix the problems that hindered voting. They champion the law denying that it was an attempt to get back at those who fought back against Trump’s false election claims. But how ridiculous is it to pass a law that prohibits people from passing out water to those standing in line…

I encourage you to read the law yourself. You can read it here. Is it all bad? Absolutely not. Does it protect voters, or does it suppress the right to vote? It does both. But the ultra-right-wing is using it to rile up its base by attacking those who question the intent of the law.

Stay informed.

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