Georgia maintains ‘The Big Lie’ about voting fraud—watch Marc Elias debunk GA GOP in MeidasTouch podcast

Gabriel Sterling is the Chief Operating Officer for the Georgia Secretary of State. Mark Elias is America’s preeminent voting rights lawyer. They don’t see eye-to-eye on this whole democracy thing.

Sterling doesn’t think that Georgia’s new set of draconian voting laws — which drastically limits the number of ballot drop boxes, eliminates Sunday voting, tightens I.D. requirements aimed at minorities, and prohibits giving out water to people waiting on lines — is Jim Crow 2.0.

SB202 is not a voter suppression bill… It’s more inconvenience than suppressive. — Gabriel Sterling

Democracy docket founder Marc Elias begs to differ.

Inconveniencing voters IS what voter suppression is. When you make voting harder for people, fewer people are going to vote. For someone working two jobs, the difference between convenient and inconvenient is the difference between voting and not voting.

— Marc Elias

Mark Elias went 64-1 in election lawsuits vs. Trump. MeidasTouch hopes he can continue the streak.

Since March 2020, MeidasTouch has grown into the leading producer of viral, hard-hitting political videos on the left. They’ve built one of the most engaged followings in progressive politics along the way. The work of the three Meidas brothers helped flip the Senate and get Biden in the Oval Office. “Because truth is golden,” the brothers have expanded their efforts to provide more in-depth political commentary with their series of compelling podcasts.

Both Elias and Sterling were guests on Friday’s episode. The discussion centered on voting rights and whether the GOP should be trying to find new voters rather than eliminate those that won’t vote for them:

I’m tired of everyone saying that anything we do is based on a racist application of the law.

— Gabriel Sterling

In precincts where 90% of the voters were black, the average wait time was 51 minutes. Guess what the average time for whites was? 6 minutes!

— Marc Elias

Continuing The Big Lie

Woman holding 'Stop the steal' sign

Screenshot / YouTube

Georgia maintains “The Big Lie” about voting fraud that didn’t exist to make excuses for why they lost the Presidency and two Senate seats. Republican Governor Brian Kemp is joining GOP Governors in Montana, Iowa, Florida, Arizona, Texas, and even New Hampshire to ensure that voting becomes an unruly set of obstacles for their non-voters, AKA minorities.

Sterling doesn’t see an issue with his state’s new I.D. requirement:

97% of all registered voters have their driver’s license or state I.D. number attached to their voter file.

He fails to mention that the other 3% of the voters have little chance to produce all of the paperwork necessary to get the required identification, possibly disenfranchising over 200,000 voters! For perspective, Biden won the state by a little over 11,000 votes.

“Yes, it is a voter suppression bill,” says Marc Elias.

Why are you passing laws to inconvenience voters? It’s not aimed at fraud and it inconveniences voters.

— Marc Elias

Water wars

Trump trying to drink a glass of water

Screenshot / YouTube

One of the bill’s most talked-about provisions is making people waiting in line — remember this is Georgia, it’s hot there! — not have bottled water.

The water provision is the worst optics of everything. I get it. There needs to be a bright line, you can give away your water you just have to give it away outside the 150 foot area.

— Gabriel Sterling

When Sterling was asked whether handing out water would be criminalized, he responded, “If you keep doing it it’ll be a problem.”

The Big Lie may cost you billions

Sidney Powell at a press conference

Screenshot / YouTube

After having their entire voting machine business tarnished by Fox, OAN, Newsmax, the My Pillow guy, and Sidney Powell, Dominion has filed a bevy of lawsuits. Which, Elias thinks, will help to crush the Big Lie:

I think that the defamation lawsuits have done more good in shutting down the propagation of disinformation … And I do think that they’re going to win …

Listen here.

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