‘Biden has kicked a** bigly’: The first 100 days


“A leader is best when people barely know he exists. When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” —Lao Tzu

Do you know what one of the best parts of the Biden/Harris Presidency so far is? No crazy post-Hannity watching midnight tweets.

Sure, the QDP crazies continue making a lot of noise on social media, but their mean posts and constant vitriol are a stark reminder that Hawley, Cruz, Greene, and their unhinged colleagues don’t have our best interests at heart. Sad.

This Friday will mark President Biden’s 100 days in office. Like him or not, no one can deny that in his first few months as Commander in Chief, Biden has kicked a** bigly. Meanwhile, the Republicans who are trying desperately to come up with a bunch of “well, what abouts…?” sound like a bunch of 12-year-olds having an epic meltdown because their mom said they couldn’t have an ice cream cone before dinner.

Our president has kept his promise about getting our nation vaccinated. As of this writing, all adults over the age of 16 are eligible to get the jab. And we expect that all Americans will have access to a vaccine in the next few weeks. Not bad for less than 100 days in.

Ever since FDR’s success in the first months of his presidency to rescue the U.S. after the Great Depression, presidents have been held to the 100-day benchmark. According to FiveThirtyEight, “By his 100th day in office, Franklin D. Roosevelt had already begun to reshape government’s role in the American economy. He declared and then lifted a national banking holiday, signed bills that provided government relief for farmers and the unemployed, and pushed for new federal jobs programs.”

While immigration reform has been a thorn in his side, Biden has accomplished far more in a little more than three months than what Trump ever did. He has signed the most ever executive actions and reversals from the previous administration. The president organized a world climate summit. He got money into the pockets of needy families. And most of all, the Build Back Better promise of his campaign is coming to life.

In terms of foreign policy, Biden’s aggressive tactics on the world stage with regards to China, Russia, and Turkey remind other leaders around the globe that the U.S. is back in town.

We have a lot to feel hopeful about today. But the current administration must continue moving swiftly to sway over Americans still on the fence about his progressive agenda.

We will get through this together.

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