War on Democracy: GOP ‘trying to institutionalize voter suppression’

A sign that says 'voting cancelled'

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Extreme voting restrictions have advanced in several Republican-led states across the U.S., including in Florida, where Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a sweeping voter suppression bill that will make it harder to vote by mail, limit ballot drop boxes, impose new voter ID requirements and criminalize giving food and water to voters waiting in line at polling places.

Mother Jones reporter Ari Berman says these efforts are an extension of former President Trump’s “big lie” about voter fraud. “They’re trying to make it harder for Democratic constituencies to be able to vote in future elections, and they are trying to institutionalize voter suppression in a way that they couldn’t do in 2020,” Berman says.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, a key Senate panel is set to take up the sweeping voting rights and election overhaul bill known as the For the People Act.

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