Congressional Black Caucus Whip Hank Johnson arrested at pro-voting demonstration

Hank Johnson being arrested at pro-voting demonstration

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Congressmember and Congressional Black Caucus Whip Hank Johnson was arrested Thursday alongside prominent African American voting rights advocates as they protested ongoing attacks on democracy in front of a Senate building.

Harvard professor and former NAACP president Cornell William Brooks, Black Voters Matter co-founder Cliff Albright and Color of Change president Rashad Robinson were also among those arrested. Before their arrest, the men were joined by other activists and Black congressmembers on the steps of the Supreme Court, where they called for abolishing the filibuster and for senators to pass the For the People Act. This is Rashad Robinson speaking yesterday.

Rashad Robinson: “Don’t come to us and ask us for our vote by day and stay silent when they take away our power by night. We will not go back. And I want to say that there were no good old days. There is only a path forward. There is only a path forward with all of us being able to be heard, recognized and visible.”

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