John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act passes!

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The House has also voted to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which aims to restore key provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that were gutted by the Supreme Court. Every Republican voted against the bill. The legislation is named after the civil rights icon John Lewis, who served in Congress for more than three decades. Georgia Congressmember Nikema Williams, who represents Lewis’s former district, praised the legislation.

Rep. Nikema Williams: “Congressman Lewis taught us that when you see something that is not fair, not just, not right, you have a moral obligation to find a way to get in the way. The voter suppression laws that have been enacted across the country, and what is happening in my home state of Georgia, is the very definition of the good trouble that John Lewis taught us to get into to push back against. We might not be counting jelly beans in a jar, but, make no mistake, they seek the same purpose: to stop people who look like me from accessing their right to vote.”

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