7 reasons why the U.S. needs to take charge when it comes to climate

  • 12/14/2021 12:31 pm ET
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1. Climate change is the greatest threat to America — and the world

The rise in the earth’s temperature has more than doubled in the past 40 years. The change has affected our planet’s sea levels and our snow and rainfall patterns. With this increase in global temperature has come heat waves, droughts, intensified storms, wildfires, and other extreme weather events. Along with these storms come flooding and landslides, which destroy homes and communities. Droughts not only affect crop production and food supplies but can result in destructive sand and dust storms. Climate change threatens American lives and livelihoods daily.

2. Protecting our kids

83% of American moms are anxious about their kids and climate change. Research from the American Academy for the Advancement of Science shows that children today will face three times as many climate disasters as previous generations. Rising temperatures and decreased air quality harm kids by increasing asthma attacks and allergies, creating food insecurity, increasing mental health problems, developmental delays, and changes in their genetic makeup.

3. Job creation

Protecting America’s kids also means ensuring a stable economy and future jobs. In 2020, the renewable energy growth rate was up 45% worldwide. Investing in the clean power sector will result in job creation and strengthen our economic competitiveness.

4. The U.S. is a global climate leader

Climate change is a problem on a global scale. As the world’s largest economy and second-largest greenhouse gas emitter, the U.S. is in a position to lead the fight against climate change. Under President Biden, we have re-entered the Paris Agreement, and this fall we joined the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Once again the world is looking to the U.S. to be the leader in combating our planet’s greatest threat: climate change. The example we set at home will inspire world governments to take action.

5. Businesses can’t go it alone

84% of U.S. adults support a business tax credit for carbon capture technology. The majority of Americans believe restrictions on power plant emissions, tax incentives to encourage businesses to reduce emissions, and tougher fuel-efficiency standards would all make a difference in reducing climate change.

6. There’s no arguing with science — the time for misinformation is over

The time to debate the reality of climate change has passed. Climate change is real and man-made97 percent of climate scientists agree.

7. The clean energy future

Green jobs are not just for future generations of Americans. The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that over 750,000 Americans already work directly generating clean power — the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. economy. Clean energy remains the biggest job creator across America’s energy sector, employing nearly three times as many workers as work in fossil fuel extraction and generation. Wages for clean energy jobs also are about 25 percent higher than the national median average. Continuing to invest in clean energy technologies like solar, wind, and hydropower will result in a safer country and planet and create lasting jobs.

This article was produced and distributed in partnership with Climate Power.

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