Front Page Live’s Editorial Ethics & Standards

By Front Page Live Staff | As of April 17, 2020
Our mission at Front Page Live is to unite, ignite and inspire our readers to act on issues that matter to them with fact-based journalism, information, analysis, and opinion. We believe democracy is strengthened by an informed electorate and weakened by a misinformed electorate.
At Front Page Live, the responsibility of delivering accurate information falls on every member of the team. We incorporate these guidelines into the training and orientation program for all staff, including writers, editors, marketers, designers, executives, and other content producers.



At Front Page Live we make all possible efforts to be completely accurate upon publication. In situations where our organization or the individuals on the team have made a mistake, we will be transparent with our readers and post corrections or clarifications. If an inaccuracy is published, a note at the bottom of the article or post titled “Correction” will be included. Unless the repair changed the context of the
article, typos do not require a correction.
In cases where critical context is missing from a story that require clarification after publishing, we will alert our audience through a note at the bottom of the article or post, titled “Clarification.”
We may, in rare instances, remove content from our websites, social media pages, or related platforms for legal reasons or extenuating circumstances. Removal will never be at the direction of, or be influenced by, our advertisers and will always require approval by editorial leadership.
In the case where a Front Page Live editorial program accepts financial contributions from individual audience members, partners or funding from grant organizations, this financial support does not affect editorial independence.

Integrity, Conflicts of Interest, Activism, and Disclosures

The news teams at Front Page Live have complete editorial independence. News staff may not accept anything that could be considered payment for coverage.
Story selection, framing, and curation decisions are wholly the responsibility of the editors and writers involved. If a writer has any self-interest in the story they are writing, or an appearance thereof, we will include a disclosure. Our investors, some of whom have specific interests that may or may not align with ours, do not have any involvement with our internal story development and reporting process.
We will never commit illegal acts while reporting or encourage any subject to commit an unlawful act.
At times Front Page Live will collaborate with partners or apply sponsored marketing support to reach new or broader audiences. Such instances will be disclosed through a disclaimer on the individual articles per the appropriate regulatory guidelines.
Where appropriate, Front Page Live will include information about third-party action campaigns and links to activist programs that are relevant to the articles we write.


Editors and writers will thoroughly fact-check stories published or produced by Front Page Live before publication. We will corroborate claims made by all of our sources. We typically require multiple sources for corroboration for previously unreported claims or allegations.
All stories are subject to one or more editors who, along with the writer, are responsible for reviewing their work for accuracy.


Plagiarism is never allowed, and strict editorial processes are in place to ensure that Front Page Live does not publish any quoted content without proper attribution. In rare instances where this occurs, we will follow the Corrections Guidelines herein.
When we curate or quote content from other publishers or guest authors, we always include the author’s name, source attribution, and digital links to the source.


Front Page Live is both a generator and curator of news and obtains stories and content from a variety of sources.
We will never publish statements out of context or without proper attribution. We will always be transparent with our audience about sources. We avoid the use of anonymous sources where possible. In the instance where the source is anonymous, the writer of the story must be aware of who the source is. We make best efforts to confirm the accuracy and will not include any information we have not thoroughly validated.

Social Media

Front Page Live staff, experienced social media experts, will apply the same journalistic integrity required of the content published on our website. At no time will harassment on our social media accounts be permitted.

Advertising and Revenue Partnerships

Front Page Live is a for-profit business that will evolve and apply innovations to achieve commercial success. In no case, however, will the business efforts at Front Page Live interfere with the integrity of our editorial teams or the content we create.
The efforts of Front Page Live departments responsible for selling advertising, partnerships, and sponsorships across our website, newsletter, social media channels, and any other properties we control will prioritize the integrity of our editorial teams and the content we create. These departments will disclose their work per the appropriate regulatory guidelines.
Some of our content contains affiliate links, which means we will receive a commission for purchases made via those links; when our editorial or commerce teams have manually added affiliate links to our articles, we will include a disclosure within the content.
Advertisements do not necessarily reflect the views of Front Page Live or our editorial teams.

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