‘Beholden to the elite donor class’: 12 people have been swaying elections since 2009, spending billions

  • April 21, 2021
By Kenny Stancil A dozen wealthy political donors and their spouses spent a combined $3.4 billion on federal elections in…
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Florida’s ‘anti-riot’ bill criminalizes dissent and blocks cities from cutting police budgets

  • April 20, 2021
Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is set to sign the state’s so-called anti-riot bill that was pushed by Republicans in…
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‘Simply not acceptable’: Dems slam Republican demand for no corporate tax hikes in Infrastructure Plan

  • April 16, 2021
By Jake Johnson Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia said Thursday that keeping in place the current 21%…
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Despite GOP opposition, D.C. statehood bill advances to full vote

  • April 16, 2021
The House Oversight Committee has advanced a bill that would make Washington, D.C., the 51st state. The Washington, D.C. Admission…
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‘This bill marks a new era’: Democrats seek to add four seats to the Supreme Court

  • April 15, 2021
By Jake Johnson Democrats in the House and Senate on Thursday are planning to introduce legislation to expand the number of seats…
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Defying custom, Trump isn’t giving the National Archives records of his political rally speeches

  • April 14, 2021
By Shannon Bow O’Brien Public figures live on within the words they are remembered by. To understand the effect they…
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Companies can exert economic power over lawmakers — MLB proves it in Atlanta

  • April 12, 2021
By Benjamin Means Major League Baseball knows how to exert leverage over local lawmakers. Over 100 companies, including Delta Air…
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Biden names gun control advocate to lead ATF

  • April 8, 2021
President Biden is announcing a series of executive actions on gun control today. They include regulations on so-called ghost guns…
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Arkansas criminalizes gender-affirming medical treatment for trans youth

  • April 7, 2021
Arkansas has become the first state to criminalize gender-affirming treatment for transgender youth after state lawmakers voted Tuesday to override…
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‘Stay out of politics’? After raking in corporate dollars for decades, McConnell is suddenly concerned about money in politics

  • April 6, 2021
By Jake Johnson After spending much of his decades-long career raking in corporate cash and combating efforts to limit money in politics,…
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