#WallAgainstTrump trends after video of moms and vets standing against Trump’s secret police goes viral

  • July 27, 2020
Why do the media giants MeidasTouch call themselves after the mythological King with the golden touch? Because “the truth is…
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‘Operation Yep We’re Nazis’: Twitter takes on Trump and Barr’s paramilitary Operation Legend

  • July 27, 2020
Attorney General Barr’s Operation Legend has a more sinister purpose than “to protect the safety of our citizens.” And that…
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‘Trump Gestapo Attacks Navy Veteran in Portland’: Devastating MeidasTouch ad says #EnoughIsEnough

  • July 22, 2020
#EnoughIsEnough is the theme for the new MeidasTouch ad, a simple yet powerful video. Just 41 seconds long, the combination…
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‘Trump’s thugs’: GOP group’s powerful ad warns paramilitary assault in Portland ‘is how freedom dies’

  • July 20, 2020
A comic-book style video created by The Lincoln Project warns that the paramilitary assault in Portland is ‘how freedom dies.”…
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‘We call it kidnapping’: Trump slammed for using secret federal police to snatch up Portland protesters

  • July 17, 2020
By Jake Johnson, Common Dreams Oregon’s Democratic governor and other state lawmakers are demanding that President Donald Trump immediately remove…
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History shows that sustained, disruptive protests work

  • July 15, 2020
All disruptive social movements are met with stern warnings from people who think they know better. The current movement to…
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3 BLM activists on ‘What advice might you offer to white people who want to be allies?’

  • July 11, 2020
Marin County, California, located just north across the Golden Gate Bridge, is the third wealthiest county in America, with an…
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Brutal police responses to Black Lives Matter protests put scrutiny on police weaponry

  • June 22, 2020
Brutal police responses to the ongoing nationwide Black Lives Matter protests have put scrutiny on the “nonlethal” weaponry wielded by…
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Mississippi will be the 13th state to criminalize peaceful pipeline protests

  • June 18, 2020
In the midst of protests against a “deadly, racist policing system” and a global pandemic, Mississippi is likely to become…
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Police officers in Chicago could get thrown out of the union for kneeling with protestors

  • June 12, 2020
Images are circulating of police officers around the nation, kneeling in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. In Chicago,…
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