The end of the road for the ‘Bug’ (aka Volkswagen Beetle)

It’s the end of the road for the Volkswagen Beetle—the car that ran from Nazi Germany through the hippy counterculture.

The last Beetle rolled off the assembly line this week, serenaded by a mariachi band and surrounded by proud factory workers at a VW plant in Mexico.

It’s been more than 80 years after the model was introduced in Germany. The “bug,” as the Beetle was nicknamed, debuted in 1938 as an affordable vehicle commissioned by Adolf Hitler to promote car ownership among Germans.

Later, it became the “small-is-beautiful” icon of the postwar Baby Boom generation, stoked by the 1968 movie “The Love Bug”.

“Now, due to a swerve in consumer tastes toward more gas-guzzling SUVS, it’s going extinct. “Bug” lovers worldwide are in mourning.

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