Jimmy is back! Republicans have tried many times to count President Carter out, and they have never been right.

In the era of Donald Trump turning the Washington “swamp” into an ethical latrine, we need guidance from moral leaders like Jimmy Carter, who has always been unwavering in his moral character.  President Carter  is the standard of what a post-presidency should be.

The Republicans has repeated the mantra of “Carter Bad” for almost 40 years to the point where most of America believes it,  They hate Carter because he’s an example of what a sincere Christian acts like, and they look worse by comparison. Instead of improving themselves, they tear him down.  Jimmy Carter was the most moral and ethical President in modern American history. He was also a most underrated POTUS.

Just compare his behavior to Trump’s.  Carter put his peanut farm in a trust to avoid conflict of interest. Since taking office two and a half years ago, President Trump has tallied more than 2,300 conflicts of interest resulting from his decision to retain his business interests.

Carter dropped the ‘Blind Trust’ secrecy and divulged his farm finances for 1978‐9,  Trump is still hiding his taxes.

This week brought a good news.  Jimmy Carter, the longest-living president in US history, is planning to pick up again his hammer and nails for a his favorite good cause.  Just months after breaking his hip, Carter and his wife Rosalynn are scheduled in October to begin building 21 homes for needy families with Habitat for Humanity in Nashville, Tennessee.

A spokesperson for the nonprofit organization told The AJC:

“There have been many times when people have tried to count President Carter out, and they have never been right. We are excited that they will both [be] back.”

Jimmy Carter picking up hammer once again to build Habitat homes - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Helping build homes has been a passion of the former first couple. Sara said that they have worked with over 100,000 volunteers, helping to build and repair more than 4,300 homes across 14 countries.

Jimmy Carter Reflects on Building More Than 4,000 Houses with Habitat for Humanity  - Parade

Carter underwent surgery after breaking his hip at his home in Georgia in May 2019 while leaving his home in Plains, Ga., to go turkey hunting.

Former President Jimmy Carter Made a Solar Farm to Power Half His City - Futurism
This is one action taken by one man…and it’s powering half a town.

Jimmy Carter is one of the unluckiest presidents in history despite his political savvy and policy successes

Carter was responsible for establishing the Department of Education and increasing college tuition grants for needy students.

He successfully helped deregulate government pricing controls on trucking, buses, railroads, and airlines creating conditions for these industries to thrive.

President Carter transformed America’s energy outlook by showing the dangers of America’s dependence on foreign oil. Through the creation of the Department of Energy, he phased out federal price controls for natural gas and crude oil and initiated tax incentives for solar energy and home insulation.

His foreign policy agenda brought peace to the Middle East, finalized the opening of China started by President Nixon and normalized relations with Latin America through turning over the Panama Canal to local control and limiting arms sales to military dictatorships.

But despite his many successes as President, there were too many external events that eventually led to Ronald Reagan defeating Carter’s reelection bid in an overwhelming defeat.

Mr. Carter was faced with an economy in hyperinflation in the late 1970s with oil prices off the charts. Abroad he spent 444 days attempting to free fifty-two American diplomats and citizens who were held hostage in Iran — only then to be released on Ronald Reagan’s Inauguration Day — giving the newly sworn-in president the national platform to announce that the U.S. hostages had been released.

Unfortunately, Carter’s realist demeanor perfectly tee’d up a candidate like Ronald Reagan for the 1980 election. Reagan had unsuccessfully run for president twice before the 1980 election, but what made 1980 different and created perfect conditions for Reagan were the very same external conditions that were responsible for Carter’s demise. The American people did not want to be reminded of how bad the country’s condition was — they felt it first hand. Jimmy’s realistic outlook and uncompromising character did not stand a chance against Reagan’s optimistic view of the future.


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