Watch Nancy Pelosi burn Mitch McConnell and a reporter who asked a silly question

Speaker Pelosi has no patience for reporters with silly questions about the lack of gun legislation:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell calls Pelosi’s statement “theatrics“, but he has made suggestions that he is waiting for Trump’s approval before bringing forth any gun legislation:

“If the president is in favor of a number of things that he has discussed openly and publicly, and I know that if we pass it it’ll become law, I’ll put it on the floor.”

At this point, however, it isn’t just Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats that feel like McConnell is dragging his feet.

Sen Johnny Isakson (R-GA) has said, “many of us feel like doing nothing is not a satisfactory answer.” Plus, recent polls conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News also show that the American people are ready for new gun legislation.

The bill that McConnell refuses to bring to a vote passed by the House in February. It strengthens background checks by requiring people purchasing guns in a private sale to undergo the same level of scrutiny that they would when purchasing from a gun dealer.

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