Grifter-in-Chief: Air Force says it sent crews to Trump’s Scottish resort up to 40 times

Air Force says it sent crews to Trump’s Scottish resort up to 40 times

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The preliminary results of the Air Force’s investigation into flight crews use of Trump’s Scotland resort have shown that the military has stayed at Turnberry at least 40 times.

According to Politico, the investigations have been conducted by Congressional Democrats, and the Pentagon has, thus far, failed to provide any information. It isn’t yet clear how many of those 40 stays were made during the Trump presidency, but the use of the nearby private airport has jumped up considerably since he took over the White House.

So far, the investigation has only produced an estimate of stays at the resort. The number of people being housed or the number of rooms rented during each of those stays is not yet known. There is evidence that at least one of those bookings included lodging for a crew of 40.

The Air Force claims they are not breaking any guidelines by making use of the resort, and Trump claims the whole thing has “NOTHING” to do with him:

Lawmakers have been working on legislation that would block the Pentagon from spending any of the military’s budget at Trump-owned properties. Barbara Bennett, Trump’s choice for Secretary of the Air Force, doesn’t think the rules should be that “specific”:

“What we need to do is have rules and regulations that are applied evenly in that are thoughtful and do include appearances in those rules and regulations. But…they should not be specific to any particular owner.”

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